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"This is a pretty tiny bomb. Maybe it's a tactical nuke. Hard to believe something like this can wipe out an entire city..."

V1 was a nuclear bomb designed by the Belkan Federation. It is the only nuclear weapon known to be successfully used in combat in the Strangereal universe; Belka detonated seven V1s in its own territory in a last-ditch effort to end the Belkan War.

The Grey Men attempted to use V1s against both Osea and Yuktobania during the Circum-Pacific War, but Razgriz Squadron thwarted their efforts. Following the end of the war, it is believed all V1s were detonated, dismantled, or buried.

History[edit | edit source]

On June 6, 1995, seven V1 warheads were detonated by the Belkan Army along the Waldreich Mountains to stave off the advancing Allied Forces.[2] Over 12,000 Belkan citizens perished in the blasts.[3] The V1 incident resulted in an immediate ceasefire, and on June 20, the Belkan War officially ended. As part of the peace accords, Belka's interim government sealed its remaining V1 arsenal[4] within the Yering Mine facility beneath Mount Schirm.[5]

15 years later, the Grey Men began excavation efforts at the mine in order to procure the V1 warheads.[6] At least two functional warheads were removed before the mine was permanently sealed by Razgriz Squadron on December 12, 2010.[5] The first, which was intended for the Belkan aggressors stationed in Yuktobania, was stolen and disarmed by the Yuktobanian resistance on December 16.[1] The second was loaded onto the Arkbird in a plot to escalate the war via a nuclear attack on Yuktobania; it was later destroyed along with the Arkbird by Razgriz Squadron over the Ceres Ocean on December 19.[7]

A third V1 was mentioned by Gründer Industries as a bargaining chip to receive aid from pro-war supporters during the siege of Sudentor, North Osea on December 30;[8] however, it is not known if this third V1 actually existed.

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