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"The advancing Osean and Yuktobanian forces have gathered in the industrial sector. It seems that once again, this area is caught up in the flames of war..."
― Local newscaster[1]

Sudentor is an industrial city located in North Osea, just south of the border between Osea and present-day southern Belka, south of the Waldreich Mountains. Sudentor is the headquarters of Gründer Industries, formerly the South Belka Munitions Factory, which maintains a large research, manufacturing, and storage facility north of downtown.

Throughout its history, Sudentor has been the sight of several decisive military engagements, which realigned the balance of political power in the region.


Sudentor is located along the banks of the Schwester River[2] near the southern foothills of the Waldreich Mountains. The city was close enough to witness two of the seven nuclear detonations during the Belkan War. Due to its northern latitude, Sudentor experiences snowy winters and short, mild summers. The waterways trisecting Sudentor are lined with docking facilities for transporting materials in and out of the city.


Belkan War

Circa 1995, Sudentor was located in southwestern Belka along the border between Belka's historic birthplace to the north ("North Belka") and the rest of southern Belka. Throughout the Belkan War, the South Belka Munitions Factory was one of the main suppliers of military hardware to the Belkan armed forces. As the war turned against them, the Belkan forces began to retreat and rally in Sudentor.[3]

On June 6, 1995, the Allied Forces moved on Sudentor to disarm the Belkan forces therein. The Belkans, although few in number, were well armed due to Sudentor's ample supply of weapons and ammunition. Before the battle could take place, however, Belka committed the unthinkable and detonated seven V1 warheads along the Waldreich Mountains; Sudentor was unharmed.[4] In the aftermath of Operation Ravage, Belka capitulated and later surrendered control of South Belka to the Osean Federation; as a result, Sudentor suddenly found itself within the newly created state of "North Osea".[5]

Circum-Pacific War

Sometime prior to or during the Circum-Pacific War, the South Belka Munitions Factory (now operating as "North Osea Gründer Industries") began secretly constructing a massive tunnel beneath the Waldreich Mountains in an effort to reunite the two Belkas. At some point, the project evolved into a control facility for the SOLG attack satellite.[2] Throughout the war, Sudentor's industrial complex supplied the Osean Defense Forces (and secretly the Yuktobanian Army and Air Force as well) with strategic arms and military hardware.[6][7]

On December 30, 2010, at 2221hrs, Razgriz Squadron and a coalition force of Osean and Yuktobanian troops and aircraft launched an attack on Sudentor. Gründer Industries, which had possession of the last V1 nuclear warhead removed from Mount Schirm, offered to hand over the nuclear device to either the Osean or Yuktobanian warmongers in exchange for defending its Sudentor facility.[1] Sudentor was soon consumed in a heated three-way engagement between the Osean, Yuktobanian, and Belkan forces. Ultimately, the Osean-Yuktobanian forces captured Gründer's control facility and opened the shutter doors protecting the SOLG control units within the tunnel; the Razgriz then flew into the tunnel, destroyed the control modules, and safely exited the tunnel's north entrance.[1]



  • "Sudentor" is a rough German approximation of "southern gate". However, it is grammatically incorrect; the correct writing would be "Südtor" - which translates to "south gate".