Mount Ivrea

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Mount Ivrea is a mountainous region located in North Osea (formerly South Belka), northeast of Lumen. Mount Ivrea is one of the larger, more notable peaks in the mountain range that extends along North Osea's southern border to the northwest border of Sapin.


Mount Ivrea is comprised of a large central peak surrounded by four slightly shorter peaks. The region's topography is quite rugged: steep, narrow valleys are interspersed between the mountains' numerous ridges and peaks. Due to its high altitude, Mount Ivrea is dusted with snowfall throughout the year. The mountain is also the site of Glatisant, the fortified ruins of an ancient city that dates back to Belka's feudalistic past.[1]


During the Belkan War, Mount Ivrea and the ruins of Glatisant were transformed by the Belkan Army into a fortified anti-aircraft installation. The mountain became the center point of Belka's defensive "Hydrian Line", which acted as its primary line of defense against the Allied Forces.[2]

On May 17, 1995, the Allies—under the pretext of a nuclear arms inspection—dispatched a large number of fighters to Mount Ivrea to perform air strikes on Glatisant's anti-air defenses. The Allied fighters were ultimately victorious, and the Hydrian Line collapsed soon afterward.[1]


  • The Belkans' "Hydrian Line", which spanned Belka's entire southern border, is likely a reference to Hadrian's Wall, a Roman defensive fortification which spanned the width of Britannia.