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This page contains a transcript of "This Means War", the second cutscene in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. Both this and the following cutscene, "444th Air Base", immediately play before starting "Charge the Enemy" during a campaign run.


Female OBC Newscaster (narrating): As of 1PM today, the Kingdom of Erusea has declared war on the Osean Federation. As soon as the news broke out, enemy aircraft began bombing Osean territory, causing widespread destruction. The Air Defense Force has released a statement, saying this violent attack was carried out by drones. They speculate the drones were secretly transported to Osea in shipping containers and launched remotely. The Secretary of the Navy has stated that the enemy was targeting naval ports across the country. According to the Secretary, all of the nation's aircraft carriers, including ones still under construction, sustained severe damage in the attacks. We have yet to hear back from the Department as to the fate of Osean carriers currently at sea. Hold on... I've just received breaking news. The International Space Elevator, which is being built in southern Usea, has been seized by the Erusean Army. Reports say former President Harling was touring the site at the time, but his current whereabouts are unknown. Our sources in government tell us it was Harling's policies regarding the space elevator that caused economic frictions in the area and which, ultimately, led to this war. Located near Erusea, on the continent of Usea, the space elevator has been under construction for some time now. The Executive Office of the Osean Federation has declared a national state of emergency. They have ordered all its armed forces, including Usean peacekeepers, to mobilize and make the necessary preparations to launch an immediate counterattack. Ladies and gentlemen, our country is officially at war. Stay tuned for further updates.

Male ENN Newscaster (narrating): Breaking news from ENN. Osea launched an attack on the capital today, striking Farbanti from their aircraft carrier, the Kestrel II.[note 1] After a brutal battle, the Erusean Air Force successfully repelled them. During the air raid, the Osean Air Force fired missiles at the city and managed to shoot down a number of Erusean fighters. Some of the disabled planes then crashed into residential areas.


  1. The English subtitles identify the carrier as the "Kestrel Two".