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This page includes a transcript of "Charge Assault", the 1st campaign mission of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


Briefing Officer: Is everyone here?

(briefed pilots chatter in the background)

Briefing Officer: Settle down. I said settle down!

(briefed pilots quiet down)

Briefing Officer: You have all been instrumental in helping to maintain peace in Usea as members of the International Union Peacekeeping Force. Until today. Earlier, our radar site informed us that a group of unidentified aircraft was approaching. Communications systems went down immediately afterwards. We are led to conclude that they have attacked the site. Here's your mission. It's possible that the Usean ceasefire agreement has been broken for the first time in over a decade. As of today, the Fort Grays Air Base Squadron of the IUPF has been put on high alert. All members who have been ordered to sortie, fly there immediately. Find the unidentified craft, then use your weapons to round them up and force them to land. If the hostiles counterattack, then you will...

Pilot 1: What the hell was that?

Pilot 2: There's smoke!

Pilot 3: We're under attack! Numerous unidentified aircraft confirmed overhead!

Pilot 2: What? How is that possible?

Pilot 4: The tank farm to the north has been bombed!

Pilot 3: Many injured!

Briefing Officer: Scramble! All units, take off and eliminate the unidentified craft attacking the base! This is not a drill!

Mission Script

Opening Cutscene

  • Ground Officer 1: Radar site still silent!
  • Ground Officer 2: Scramble! Get those birds in the sky! We're sitting ducks!
  • Ground Officer 1: What's happening?
  • Ground Officer 2: Bombers incoming! Don't know how many!
  • Ground Officer 3: Let's clear that runway. We don't got all day here.
  • Control Tower: Mage Squadron, head to runway. Golem Squadron, take off. Linked to Sky Keeper. Hurry, Mage Squadron.

Mission Start

Taking Off

  • Control Tower: Trigger, your call sign is Mage 2. Verify and read back. Mage 2, cleared for takeoff. Situation is tight. It's a hell of a welcoming party, but we have faith in you. Good luck.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Control. Do me a favor and get that bird in the air ASAP.
  • IUN-PKF Base: Damage report! Where are we getting hit?[note 1]
  • Control Tower: Hear that? Golem Squadron and your wingman air airborne. Take off and form up with Mage 1.
  • IUN-PKF Base: They almost hit our fuel storage. We have to hit 'em back![note 1]
  • Control Tower: Mage 2, scramble. Take off now.
  • IUN-PKF Fleet: Put that fire out! Don't let it reach the fuel tanks!
  • IUN-PKF Fleet: What's happening! Status report, anyone!
  • IUN-PKF Fleet: No anti-air armament available on the escort ships?! The electronics are malfunctioning!
  • Control Tower: Mage 2, is there a problem?
  • IUN-PKF Fleet: Fire control isn't responding! We can't launch interceptors!
  • IUN-PKF Fleet: Transport the wounded if you're not on fire duty!
  • IUN-PKF Base: They're bombing the harbor! Scramble interceptors!
  • IUN-PKF Fleet: The carrier is listing! Don't let her run aground!
  • IUN-PKF Base: Get those fighters in the air! They're still bombing us!
  • IUN-PKF Fleet: It's no good! The carrier is a wreck! Our other ships are taking a beating!
  • IUN-PKF Base: It's a damned parade of bombers!

After Takeoff

  • Control Tower: Mage 2, altitude restriction is lifted. Good luck!
  • Golem 2 Brownie: The carrier... Whoa! Looks like the harbor's taken a lot of damage.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Can't have anymore casualties. Time to stop the bullshit. Mage 2, form up with Mage 1. All aircraft, let's do this. Golem Squadron, it's go time.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Roger that.
  • Golem 4 Footpad: Golem 4, understood.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: This is the AWACS "Sky Keeper."
  • ! AWACS Sky Keeper !: Take down all unidentified bombers. They don't have many escorts.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: They hit our radars hard in the last attack. Expect the worst, and stay sharp.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Wilco.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Trigger. I'm your wingman. You're flying with me now. That's what it means to be in an element. You gotta keep an eye out for enemy bombers.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Okay, here we go. Looks like bombers have been located. It's show time, Trigger. Let's see if you can handle the spotlight. You're a good pilot... or so I told 'em. I had to fill an empty spot, so play along. It's still a leash though.

After the first bomber is downed

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Enemy bomber confirmed down. Good job, Mage 2.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Not bad, Mage 2. Trigger, switch your radar. See if you can locate the enemy.

If the player cycles their radar

  • Mage 1 Clown: There it is. Sitting there all pretty just waiting to be taken.

If the player shoots down the escorts first

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Enemy support eliminated. This should make the job easier. Destroy the target.

After the second bomber is downed

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Target confirmed down. Looking good, Mage 2. Mage 2, target's in range. Pair of bombers.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Trigger, stay calm. You've got this.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: I know the kid's shown some promise, but let's remember, he's still barely gotten his feet wet.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Trigger, don't forget your special weapon.

After the third group is downed

  • Mage 1 Clown: That's it. It's great when it's simple.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Enemy bomber down. Nice going, Mage 2.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Not too shabby, Mage 2. But you've still got a long way to go, kid. I'll give you some pointers back at base, if you can make it in one piece.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Sky Keeper, this is Mage 1, over. Tally two bandits.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Copy that. It's a bomber and an escort.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Whoa there, Trigger. Settle down.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Mage 2! Maintain your element with Mage 1! Do not break off! Mage 1, make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Wilco.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Golem 2, let's maintain element.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Copy that, Commander. I've got your six covered, sir.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Righty-o!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Golem, Mage. Two new enemy groups.
  • IUN-PKF HQ: This is HQ. Attention, all combat groups. Are there any drones? Verify.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Drones? Are you kidding me right now? Jesus! This is the kinda shit that really chaps my ass!
  • Mage 1 Clown: UAV's? I can't tell them apart.

After the first group of new bombers is downed

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Target is down!
  • Mage 1 Clown: Thatta boy, Trigger.
  • Erusean Bomber 1: Harbor facilities and carrier destroyed. I'd call that mission accomplished.
  • Erusean Bomber 2: We've still got half our baggage. Emptying them on hangars and runways.

After destroying the second group of new bombers

  • Golem 4 Footpad: Nice kill, Mage 2!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: One remaining!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Mage 2, keep your focus. You got this. Hesitating for a split second could be the difference between life and death. Stay sharp, think fast.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Roger that.
  • ENN: Breaking news from ENN. ...the Osean Federation has... elevator...

After destroying the last bomber

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: To Golem and Mage. Job well done. All bombers are down. Our radar shows no sign of bandits. You're in the clear.


  • Mage 1 Clown: Good going, Mage 2. Flight commander, looks like he's got what it takes.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Let's slow down. It's just one sortie. Don't try to be a hero. I want you to make it back in one piece, you hear?
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Yeah, I gotta side with the bossman on this.
  • IUN-PKF HQ: Golem Squadron, this is HQ. Did you confirm any drones?
  • Golem 1 Knocker: What's the deal with all the drones?
  • IUN-PKF HQ: Golem 1, return to base and report for debriefing.
  • ENN: ...beautiful emerald south sea water at Gunther Bay... ...I am Princess Rosa Cossette D'Elise of the Kingdom of Erusea... ...Citizens of Erusea...


We are currently assessing the damage to the base. We have confirmed that the aircraft carrier Albatross was sunk. We know the attacking bogeys were from Erusea. International Union Peacekeeping Force bases all over the Usean continent were attacked in the same way. The damage is severe. Many wars are lost by failing to recover from the opening blows. That means successfully retaliating was very important. You may have turned the tides of battle here. You have our thanks.


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