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FATO is a nation located in northeastern Osea. It is bordered by the Cascade Ocean to the north, the Nordlands to the east, Wielvakia to the south, Gebet to the southwest, and Belka to the west. FATO played a minor role in the Belkan War.


In late 1991, the FATO states purchased a portion of Belka's northeastern territory, east of Dinsmark.[1]

When Belka invaded its neighbors in early 1995, FATO stood alongside its allies against the Belkan Army. On March 27, 1995, FATO's air force dispatched a flight of F-14D Super Tomcats from the 3rd Air Division, 122nd Fighter Squadron to defend against a Belkan invasion of Model, Gebet. However, FATO's military met the Belkan Air Force's elite Indigo Squadron and its leader, Dimitri Heinreich, who shot down nine FATO fighters within five minutes of initiating combat. The battle was a decisive Belkan victory. Soon after, Belka gained hegemony over FATO and Gebet, and its air forces were free to fly through their airspace as desired.[2]

FATO was later liberated from Belkan occupation sometime after the Allied Forces' initiation of Offensive Campaign No. 4101 in April 1995.


  • FATO's name is similar to that of the real-world military alliance NATO, which implies that it could also be an intergovernmental alliance of autonomous states or territories.


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