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Shilage, formerly the Grand Duchy of Shilage, is an autonomous state located in eastern Erusea.[1] It is neighboured by the former Republic of Voslage and other Erusean states.[1]

Shilage was annexed by Erusea in the 1900s, becoming an autonomous state within the kingdom.[1] Under Erusean rule, Shilage residents desired for their independence.[1][2][3] Following the fall of Farbanti and ensuing Erusean civil war during the Lighthouse War, Shilage was able to establish self-proclaimed independence with a military comprised of Shilage and Vosligian officers.[1]

Shilage's terrain comprises expansive grassy plains interspersed with dense forests, and its architecture seems to date back to the medieval period, with many of the houses and structures constructed from stone. At the heart of the largest town in Shilage stands Shilage Castle.[1]


Early history (–2005)

In the 1900s, a revolution erupted in Shilage with the aim of overthrowing the ruling Shilage family. The revolution succeeded, but the newly-formed country was shortly afterward annexed by the expanding Kingdom of Erusea.[2]

Following the annexation, the Erusean Royal Family allowed the Shilage family to retain their royal titles and noble standing as part of the Erusean kingdom. However, the heir to Shilage, Mihaly A. Shilage, refused, instead signing up for the draft as an ordinary Erusean citizen. This prompted the King of Erusea to order that Mihaly be allowed into the Erusean Air Force.[4]

Despite Erusea's transition to a republic, its defeat in the Continental War in 2005, and consequent occupation by the Independent State Allied Forces and loss of territory, Shilage remained an Erusean state.[5]

Lighthouse War (2019)

On September 19, 2019, during the Lighthouse War, both Osean and Erusean forces destroyed numerous communications satellites in orbit, plunging the Usean continent into chaos. Erusean military officers originally from Shilage and Voslage used this opportunity to re-establish Shilage as an independent nation.[1]

Mihaly flying an X-02S Strike Wyvern over Shilage

On October 24, the Long Range Strategic Strike Group deployed Strider Squadron to capture much-needed supplies stored at Shilage Castle. As the battle around Shilage Castle continued, Sol Squadron took off to defend the newly independent Shilage. During the engagement between Strider and Sol, Mihaly intervened and ordered the Voslagian Squadron to withdraw. A fierce dogfight ensued between Mihaly and Trigger, which the latter ultimately won.[1]

Postwar (2019–)

Following the Lighthouse War, multiple states that had unilaterally declared independence from Erusea still desired to remain independent, presumably including Shilage.[6]


Shilage Landscape.png

As Shilage is a relatively small state, its landscape is not particularly diverse. It is home to vast fields of grass, dense forests, hills, and large mountains.[7] There are also lakes and winding rivers spread across the countryside.[7]

Apparently, almost half of its landscape is covered in these dense forests.[1]



As a state under Erusean rule, Shilage was subject to decisions and regulations imposed by the Erusean government, whether it was the monarchy or the former federal institution.[2]

Formerly a Grand Duchy,[2] Shilage was presumably ruled by Grand Duke or Grand Duchess.


After declaring independence, Shilage's de facto military was comprised of former Erusean and Voslagian military personnel. The Voslagian Air Force also acted as a Shilage-affiliated unit.[1]

It is unknown whether Shilage had a military prior to its annexation.


  • When coming up with the concept of Shilage and writing dialogue pertaining to it, Ace Combat 7 radio script writer Masahide Kito took inspiration from the autonomous Spanish community of Catalonia.[8]