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"Erusea had a lot up their sleeves ... What if Trigger couldn't shoot it down? Just thinking about it gives me chills. We're lucky to be here."

The X-02S Strike Wyvern is an evolved variant of the Erusean-made X-02 Wyvern. Just like its predecessor, the X-02S has variable-geometry wings and possesses stealth capabilities. It also features an experimental Electromagnetic Launcher at a cost to the aircraft's mobility. Its signature variable wings maintain the aircraft's speed and attack power. While the original X-02 was a variant designed for joint use by the Erusean Navy and Air Force, the Strike Wyvern was exclusively designed for Air Force use.[note 1]

The X-02S Strike Wyvern was introduced in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. It was initially teased in a trailer released on January 9, 2019, approximately a week before the game's release.[2]

Design[edit | edit source]

An onboard view of Mihaly's X-02S with an Arclight EML equipped underneath

At a glance, the Strike Wyvern appears almost identical to the original X-02. What the X-02S lacks in obvious outward differences, it makes up for with numerous internal modifications.

Development on the X-02S began with an overhaul of the airframe and changing the manufacturing process to use metal 3D printers. The new airframe uses redesigned engines with heat-resistant magnesium alloys to enhance thrust and fuel efficiency, compensated by expanded air intakes. The exhaust nozzles were changed to a saw-tooth design to lower the plane's infrared signature and make it quieter. The shapes of the weapon bays were altered and conformal fuel tanks were added to the top of the aircraft's engine nacelles.[3]

The X-02S's control programs were updated to allow full use of all of the aircraft's moving parts: the new folding canards, the signature variable forward-swept wings, the V-shaped tail, and the 3D thrust vectoring. The ventral strakes, however, were deemed unnecessary and removed. The combination of all of these parts leads to incredible maneuverability.[3]

Other minor improvements include an IRST sensor on top of the nose, an EOTS below the nose, and simplified landing gear, with all parts necessary for a carrier-based aircraft removed. The aforementioned control programs include both fly-by-wire and power-by-wire systems to ensure redundancy.[3]

The X-02S features a single machine gun to the left of the cockpit and two internal missile bays underneath the air intakes. Another weapon bay located between the two intakes supports three types of special weapons: upgraded "Dark Fire" medium-range air-to-air missiles, next-generation "Star Fire" anti-ship missiles (nicknamed "Flipper" due to their shape), and an experimental "Arclight" Electromagnetic Launcher. A weapon systems officer can be present in the new two-seat cockpit to operate these new weapons.[3]

The X-02S's specifications are as follows:[3]

  • Length: 21.84 m (71.65 ft)
  • Wingspan
    • Outer wings deployed: 18.3 m (60.04 ft)
    • Outer wings stowed: 11.54 m (37.86 ft)
  • Height
    • Outer wings deployed: 4.36 m (14.30 ft)
    • Outer wings stowed: 3.42 m (11.22 ft)
  • Weight: 15,200 kg (33,500 pounds)
  • Engines: 2× GIG/ERG-2000
  • Combat radius: 1,280 km (800 miles)
  • Top speed: >Mach 2.5 (3,063+ km/h; 1,903+ mph; 1,654+ kn)
  • Aerial refueling: Option between the flying boom system or the probe-and-drogue system

History[edit | edit source]

Mihaly in his X-02S intercepting Strider Squadron over Shilage Castle

The original X-02 was a pioneer of new stealth technology and long-range air-to-air missiles, but its advantages were trimmed as other countries employed their own stealth squadrons and radar jamming techniques. The original's variable forward-swept wings were useful in close-range dogfights but susceptible to structural fatigue, creating cracks and folds and eventually mechanical failure.[3]

Due to Erusea's reduced military industrial complex post-Continental War, the Erusean Air and Space Administration could not practically improve the X-02. Instead, Erusea tasked Gründer Industries to solve these issues. Development started on April 19, 2010. Gründer overhauled various components and the manufacturing process, resulting in a lighter variant, the X-02S, that could carry more equipment.[3]

In secret and unbeknownst to other Erusean forces,[1] the Erusean Air and Space Administration continued to research the X-02S's potential by having Sol Squadron test the Arclight EML.[4] The ultimate goal was to create a nearly-invincible, highly agile stealth aircraft that could supercruise and hold a large railgun.[3]

On October 24, 2019, during the Lighthouse War, Strider Squadron initiated Operation Beehive to capture Shilage Castle to resupply their own base. After Trigger shot down half of the Sol Squadron, Mihaly entered the battlefield with an X-02S equipped with an Arclight EML and engaged Trigger in a dogfight. The rest of Strider Squadron couldn't keep up with the fighter, and they left the battle to Trigger while setting up a perimeter to ensure that no one else entered the duel. Eventually, Trigger shot down the X-02S.[4] Mihaly survived the aircraft's destruction.[5]

On June 30, 2020, an X-02S Strike Wyvern painted to look like the original aircraft flown by Mihaly was showcased alongside other foreign air units at Redmill Air Force Base in Osea during a ceremony commemorating 25 years since the end of the Belkan War.[6]

Game Analysis[edit | edit source]

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown[edit | edit source]

"A fighter used exclusively by the navy[sic]. It is a greatly improved version of the X-02 air superiority fighter developed in Erusea, which was used by both the navy and air force. As a carrier-based fighter[sic], parts such as the landing gear were simplified[sic] and the aircraft's internal components were redesigned to improve its stealth and flight capabilities. The addition of a conformal tank to increase flight distance, an Arclight rail gun for additional firepower, and various other add-ons ended up making the craft slightly heavier. Its unique variable wings give it great combat and speed capabilities, which are unaffected by its heavy armament. Overall, it is an excellent fighter; however, its demanding controls mean only the top aces can get the best out of it. Its nickname is "Strike Wyvern"."
― Full hangar description

How to Unlock

The X-02S is available on the Aircraft Tree after completing the campaign. It costs 2,000,000 MRP and requires purchasing one of the following aircraft: the YF-23 Black Widow II, the F-22A Raptor, or the Su-57.


X-02S AC7 Statistics.png


  1. GUN x3600 ( on Easy/Normal)
  2. MSL x146
  3. Special Weapon
  4. FLR x2

Part Slots

BODY: 28
ARMS: 28
MISC: 28

Named Pilots


  1. Osea: Two-tone light grey camouflage
  2. Erusea: Jagged grey/dark grey (Unlock: Complete a full campaign run in under 4 hours.)
  3. Special: Mihaly livery; two-tone grey body with orange wingtips (Unlock: Shoot down all named aircraft.)
  4. Mage: Osean skin with Mage Squadron markings.
  5. Spare: Osean skin with Spare Squadron markings.
  6. Strider: Osean skin with Strider Squadron markings.
  7. Mihaly: Special skin with Sol 1 markings. (DLC: Purchase the ADFX-01 Morgan Set)
  8. Glowing: Glowing skin with no markings. How it glows is determined by the mission and hangar.
  9. Prototype: Flat grey with yellow accents, similar to the ADFX-01 -Block1- (DLC: Purchase the Cutting-edge Aircraft Series Set)
  10. Razgriz: Razgriz Squadron livery. (DLC: Purchase the Cutting-edge Aircraft Series Set)


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The English localization of the X-02S's description incorrectly states that it is "a fighter used exclusively by the navy" and "a carrier-based fighter". However, in no point during the game is the X-02S treated as a carrier plane; it does not take off from the Vulture in Two-pronged Strategy or use the catapult of the Admiral Andersen. The original Japanese text and the Chinese localization of the description state that parts of its landing gear were "removed" rather than "simplified." Additionally, both refer to it as a fighter used exclusively by the Air Force, not the Navy.
  • The glowing skin added in the 2nd Anniversary Update is a reference to an infamous glitch in Ace Combat 7, in which choosing the F/A-18F Super Hornet with the "Red Devils" skin for certain missions (namely Dark Blue and Cape Rainy Assault) would cause it to glow in a similar manner. This has since been patched in Update 1.41.
    • This was due to a problem with the aircraft's MREC file, which controls how lighting interacts with the texture. Normally, the MREC controls the formation lights, and restricts them to the spots on the texture where the formation lights are located. However, the Red Devils skin had an error in the MREC which caused the game to interpret the entire texture as a formation light, resulting in the entire aircraft glowing.

References[edit source]

Footnotes[edit source]

  1. The X-02S is referred to incorrectly as a "carrier-based fighter" in the English localization.