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"That was definitely the most intense thing I've ever been in. Can't wait to tell my son about this."
― Jaeger commenting on being part of Trigger's battle with the ADF-11

Jaeger is an Osean Air Defense Force pilot and a member of the Strider Squadron. He is the father of Erich Jager.[1]


Early life

In 2016, Jaeger had a son, Erich Jager, who would go on to become a pilot and join the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization.[1] At some point, he joined the Osean Air Defense Force and was assigned to the Strider Squadron. He later became aware of a legend surrounding the King of the Skies.[2]

Lighthouse War

Jaeger's earliest known deployment in the Lighthouse War as part of Strider Squadron was a reconnaissance mission involving the surveillance of the Stonehenge ruins. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the squadron's return route was altered. During Operation Two Pairs, the Cyclops and Strider Squadrons passed through Yinshi Valley while being pursued by multiple MQ-99s. Jaeger was later rescued by Spare Squadron alongside the rest of the reconnaissance team. He survived the encounter with Mister X and made an emergency landing at the 444th Air Base in Zapland.[3]

On August 10, 2019, Jaeger was placed in the newly created Long Range Strategic Strike Group alongside the rest of the Cyclops and Strider squadrons, under the command of newcomer Trigger. He assisted in the attack on Erusean naval ports and the Njord Fleet in Snider's Top. During the operation, he relayed the tale of the King of the Skies to his fellow squadmates.[2] On August 19, he assisted in defending OGDF forces from invading Erusean forces while they repaired the eighth Stonehenge railgun.[4]

On September 2, 2019, Jaeger helped Osean bombers identify and destroy IRBM silos in Sierraplata.[5]


On September 4, 2019, Jaeger was replaced with Skald for Operation Sighthound.[6] On September 10, his position was taken over by Lanza for Operation Domino.[7] On September 11, he questioned OIA analyst David North on who their real enemy was while he provided information on Matias Torres' plans. North described Torres as an "enemy to be stopped at all costs", to which Wiseman replied "Correct".[7] Due to General Howard Clemens' arrest following Operation Domino, Strider Squadron was able to take part in Operation Fisherman on September 14. Jaeger protected the Specter Squadron as they hunted down the Alicorn and later assisted in sinking the submarine. Following the operation's success, Jaeger and the LRSSG made preparations for their next mission.[8]

Farbanti and civil war

On September 16, 2019, Jaeger and the rest of Strider Squadron escorted the Basilisk Team through Cape Rainy while they attempted to capture the base under Erusean control.[9] On September 19, Jaeger took part in the decisive battle over Farbanti. When Cyclops' lead Wiseman was shot down and killed, he ordered Count to take command of the unit. Following the destruction of Usea's satellite network, the remaining members of the LRSSG made an emergency landing at Gardos Air Base.[10]

On October 1, 2019, Strider Squadron was tasked with escorting an Erusean general out of Anchorhead. Jaeger assisted in defending the transport from Radical forces and later helped shoot down rogue UAVs in the area. Following the failure of the operation, Jaeger took over as the briefing officer for the LRSSG.[11]

On October 10, 2019, Jaeger discussed the unit's next strategy until they decided to resupply at Tyler Island, which they had speculated would be under Osean control. After discovering that the island was still heavily contested, Jaeger and the LRSSG rescued stranded Osean forces in the area and shot down Conservative forces that attempted to level the island. He later assisted in rescuing refugees after being contacted by the Scrap Queen and tracked down escaping SSTO shuttles.[12]

On October 24, 2019, Jaeger tasked the LRSSG on an unofficial mission to raid the Shilage Castle for supplies. He assisted Strider Squadron in eliminating enemy forces in the area and later engaged in combat with the Sol Squadron. When Mister X entered the airspace, Jaeger and the other Strider pilots formed a perimeter while Trigger engaged him.[13]

On October 31, 2019, Jaeger received a message from the Scrap Queen, informing him of the battle at the International Space Elevator. He briefed the LRSSG on the situation and headed towards the area. During the operation, he engaged Radical forces and assisted in shooting down the Arsenal Bird Justice. However, the two advanced UAVs that had entered the airspace following the battle forced the surviving pilots to land at the Admiral Andersen aircraft carrier.[14] The following day, Jaeger and the Strider Squadron took off from the carrier and engaged the two drones, ultimately emerging victorious.[15]


Jaeger is a mature, level-headed pilot with a composed disposition and a clear moral conviction. This may stem from his fatherly background.

He is known for his penchant for telling stories, as he once told the legend of a certain "King of the Skies" during Operation Siren's Song. Other stories he talked about during lull periods of the sorties he was involved in include an expository monologue of the history of Shilage, and to that extent, that of its neighboring state of Voslage and how Erusea's expansionism affected the regions during Operation Beehive. He also frequently expressed the desire to share these stories with his son back home, like the exploits of Strider 1, most notably the key roles he played in the destruction of the Arsenal Bird Justice during Operation Daredevil and the battle against the pair of advanced combat UAVs: Hugin and Munin during the Lighthouse War's final mission, Operation Hush. A notable exception to this is the raid of Shilage Castle, which was a sortie he wouldn't tell his son about.


  • Jaeger translates to "hunter" in German.
  • Both Jaeger's F-15C and Tabloid's Mirage 2000-5 have the aircraft number 306.
  • Jaeger is the only pilot to remain in Strider Squadron for the entirety of the war.