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Zapland is an isolated hilly region on the eastern coast of Usea. It is the location of the 444th Air Base.


At some point in the 2010s, Osea established control of Zapland. During the Lighthouse War, a fake air base was created next to the 444th Air Base in order to prevent Erusea from bombing the real base.[2]

On May 19, 2019, the Osean Defense Forces launched Operation Reaper in Zapland. The operation had an attrition rate of 68%.[3]

On July 1, Erusean forces began bombing the fake air base next to the 444th base. To make the base look legit, Colonel D. McKinsey deployed the Spare Squadron to distract the enemy with their FCS locked. Once communications with McKinsey were lost, AWACS Bandog unlocked their FCS, and Spare Squadron successfully shot down all bombers.[1]

Following Operation Two Pairs, the Cyclops and Strider Squadrons, accompanied by the Spare Squadron, landed at the 444th Air Base to refuel and subsequently return to their home base.[4][5]

On August 5, 2019, all 444th personnel were transported to Tyler Island, while McKinsey was transferred to North Point.[6]