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"Transfer Orders" is the tenth campaign mission of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. The player and Count must escort Commander D. McKinsey as they transfer to the regular Osean Air Defense Force.


McKinsey: Attention! I've received a communication from the General Staff Office. It seems your ability to carry out missions has gotten the attention of the higher-ups. All of you have been pardoned. The Osean Air Force Base 444 Squadron is now officially legit. In celebration, you are to join the operation to take back the base on Tyler Island in Southwestern Usea. The battle is underway and the airport to the south has been reclaimed. However, fighting with the remaining forces in the north is still active. You will all be stationed at the airport. The battle is not letting up. We expect extensive losses to all involved. Still, the fact that we've gained new ground is a blessing.[note 1] My time as CO of the penal base is over. All command personnel, including myself, are being moved to a base in Far Eastern Usea. However... We will be stopping to refuel in Bulgurdarest. It's in Erusean territory with close ties to Osea. Even if we detour, we will still have to fly through Erusean airspace in the end. And that is where we need you ex-cons to come in. I've selected a number of you with mission experience to provide support. That's all. Dismissed. Hey, Trigger! Wait right there! Though I'm not entirely happy with the arrangement, you are going to provide support. The drones might attack again. If they do, protect my aircraft with your life. If the General Staff Office hadn't stepped in and requested you, your ass would've been sent to Tyler Island. You are covered in Harling's blood, yet you still are messing around behind the scenes.[note 2] You breathe in a way I don't like and I'll shoot you out of the damn sky!



The player must protect McKinsey's plane from camouflaged enemy SAM. These SAM sites will not appear on radar until the player is close to them; tracking them by following their missile trails can lead to the sites. The player must also protect Roper 1 from enemy interceptors that spawn occasionally throughout the mission. Roper 1 must make it to Bulgurdarest for the mission to continue.

Mission Update

The player must shoot down the unknown UAV that appears from the north. Shooting down the UAV completes the mission.

Enemy Lists

Standard Units

Section Unit Points Count Notes
Initial Icon-AirEnemy.svg MIR-2000-5 550 5 [note 3]
Icon-AirEnemy.svg GRIPEN E 500 2
Icon-AirEnemy.svg MIG-31 500 3
Icon-GroundEnemy.svg SAM 200 14 [note 4]
Icon-GroundEnemy.svg AA GUN 150 3 [note 4]
Icon-GroundEnemy.svg RADAR VEHICLE 120 1 [note 4]
Mission Update Icon-AirTGT.svg UNKNOWN 2,000 1

Special Unit

Unit Points Notes
Icon-AirEnemy.svg GRIPEN E "LOUVETEAU" 1,500 [note 5]


Osean Briefing Officer: Ordinarily, you'd get a warm welcome to our base, but the situation is complicated. That drone is the enemy's latest experimental craft. We wanted to collect data on its capabilities, but that's gone out the window now, hasn't it? To be honest, I didn't think it could be brought down. By anything. Oh yeah, your commander has been transferred to a different post. He's probably headed to the front lines where things are hottest. Well, he did stress his achievements. We need every edge we have. We're currently seeing where we can use you best. Stand by for further orders.

S Rank

Earning an S Rank on this mission requires earning a combined score and time bonus of 27,540 points or more.

The maximum time bonus available is 19,240 for completing the mission in a total of 12 minutes or less. This includes time spent retrying from the checkpoint. If the player can complete the mission in that amount of time, they only need 8,300 points from destroying targets in the mission itself to earn the S Rank.

If the player goes past the 12 minutes threshold, the time bonus decreases by 40 points every second, so the player must compensate by destroying more targets to hit the 27,540 point threshold.


  • Shooting down Roper 1 results in mission failure but also awards 1,000 points if it was done by the player, with AWACS Bandog remarking on the cargo's unworthiness.[note 6]


  1. The English subtitles omit the word "that".
  2. The English subtitles read "Your are covered in Harling's blood, yet you're still messing around behind the scenes."
  3. The MIR-2000-5s are split into two groups: two aircraft that appear near the start of the initial stage from the northwest, and three aircraft that appear from the east near the end of the initial stage.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 SAMs, AA GUNs, and the RADAR VEHICLE do not appear until the player gets close to them.
  5. The player must have completed this mission at least once, and must be playing on Normal difficulty or higher. Destroy all of the SAMs in a short amount of time. LOUVETEAU spawns with the group of three MIR-2000-5s when they spawn in the east.
  6. AWACS Bandog: Roper 1 lost, along with the mission. Not that it was a load worth protecting.