Invasion of Gracemeria (mission)

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"Our nation is under attack by unknown forces. Do whatever you can to fend off the invasion."
AWACS Ghost Eye[1]

"Invasion of Gracemeria"[b] is the first mission of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. The player must defend Gracemeria from a sudden Estovakian invasion.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Attention all pilots! Our capital city Gracemeria is under attack by unknown aircraft! Damage from the attacks is widespread throughout the city. All planes, scramble and intercept all threats immediately!

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Aerial Defense[edit | edit source]

Upon spawning and after a cutscene, the player will be thrown into the middle of battle and tasked with destroying all enemies marked as TGTs. These are B-52 bombers and UH-9 helicopters. Destroying all of them within a certain time limit will cause a group of TGT F/A-18F Super Hornets to appear. Destroying all of the Hornets will cause a group of TGT Rafale Ms to appear. Destroying all of the Rafales will advance the mission. If the condition for spawning the Hornets (and by extension the Rafales) is not met, destroying all TGTs causes the mission to progress.

There will also be C-17 transports dropping airborne tanks, but they are not marked as mission-important TGTs and can be ignored.

Mission Update[edit | edit source]

Upon the destruction of all TGTs, a large group of unknown cruise missiles will suddenly detonate around the player, who must evade immediately to avoid destruction. All remaining enemies from the initial stage will still be present and pose a threat, and the cruise missiles will continue exploding. Eight Strigon Team planes, as well as over 20 more bandits, will enter the airspace around this time.

After a few minutes, AWACS Ghost Eye will order the player to retreat. The mission is completed upon crossing the Return Line on the west side of the map within 5 minutes of the retreat order.

S Rank[edit | edit source]

An S rank on this mission requires earning 40,000 points.[2] There are plentiful targets in the initial stage of the mission to cover this point requirement. Due to the majority of targets being airborne, multi-target air missiles (XMA4, XMA6, or XLAA) would be most useful.

If the player destroys all TGTs before hitting 40,000 points, they will have very limited time during the Mission Update to do so, with the added difficulty of evading the missile explosions. It is highly recommended to use the 30 minutes provided in the initial stage to achieve the 40,000 goal before proceeding with the mission.

Named Aces[edit | edit source]

  • Su-33 Strigon Leader: In the Mission Update, shoot down all of the Strigon planes until you hear Toscha shout "Strigon Leader is hit!"
  • F-22 PEGAS (Expert difficulty or above): Shoot down all B-52s and UH-9s (the only units marked as TGTs) within 120 seconds of starting the mission. Then, shoot down the F/A-18Fs within 120 seconds of them appearing. Finally, shoot down two of the Rafale Ms that appear. After all of this is accomplished, PEGAS will spawn near the player at high altitude.[3]

Debriefing[edit | edit source]

Our military has escaped destruction because of your valiant efforts on the battlefield. But our capital Gracemeria has been temporarily occupied by Estovakian forces, and our central government has been usurped by them as well. The nation of Estovakia had declared war with our country as it simultaneously launched a surprise attack on Gracemeria. In response, the Republic of Emmeria's political council unanimously adopted a resolution of open war against the Federal Republic of Estovakia. Our forces remaining on the Emmerian mainland are still fighting in desperation to protect our country. Once our intelligence has been sorted and confirmed, the Republic of Emmeria's armed forces must immediately regroup and counterattack against the Federal Republic of Estovakia. The beautiful country of Emmeria belongs to us, and only us -- the Emmerian people.

Footnotes[edit source]

  1. Assault on Capital (首都強襲さる)
  2. Invasion of Gracemeria (グレースメリア侵攻)

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