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"Take a look. It's the mainland."
Marcus Lampert

"Anea Landing"[b] is the fifth campaign mission in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. The player must help their allies establish a beachhead at Rargom Beach.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

I'm about to go over the mission contents. Finally the day is near. We have organized enough troops and intelligence to retake the mainland. Soon the Emmerian military will initiate an operation designed to retake the Emmerian mainland. Our forces on the mainland are growing more exhausted as each day passes. If we don't act soon, they will be wiped out completely. Our bridgehead for disembarking troops on the mainland will be established at Rargom Beach, on the western tip of Anea. We're sending in units by air and sea. This is going to be a large-scale mission. So do all that you can to see it through through to the end. This mission will be divided into multiple units: two hovercraft units bringing our landing units to shore, and a fleet of ships to attack the enemy from out at sea. Our hovercraft unit needs support in order to bring in the landing unit safely, and for taking over points on the ground. Our fleet needs support in order to thoroughly defeat enemy forces close to the sea or in the vicinity of oil fields. It would be to our advantage if you could rush to various attack points and take them out before our units have to deal with them. Swift and accurate execution is extremely important in this mission in order to gain a secure foothold. Don't hold back. Show us what you're made of out there.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Initial[edit | edit source]

The player will have three operations to participate in, and they must complete two operations in order to advance the mission.

(A) Landing Unit Support
Warlock will be performing a landing operation in the center of Rargom Beach. Once disembarked, Warlock will begin pushing towards the Jamel Desert. The player must defend Warlock and destroy all enemy TGTs.
(B) City/Airfield Recapture
Quox will be performing a landing operation on the western-most section of Rargom Beach. Once disembarked, they will commence operations to retake Ortara. Additionally, the Yellow Jacket helicopter unit will be performing an operation to recapture an airfield close to Ortara. The player must defend Quox and clear a path for Yellow Jacket by destroying all enemy TGTs.
(C) Anti-Ship Assault
The flagship Marigold will be leading the 2nd Fleet to engage Estovakian Navy vessels in the Kijera Oil Fields. The player must help the 2nd Fleet obtain naval supremacy by destroying all enemy TGTs. After securing the oil fields, additional Estovakian aircraft will enter the airspace. The player must then shoot down enemy TGTs once again.

Mission Update[edit | edit source]

A large detachment of Estovakian Forces will enter the combat zone from the Jamel Desert. The player must help their allies in eliminating all reinforcements by destroying all enemy TGTs.

Enemy Lists[edit | edit source]

Standard Units[edit | edit source]

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Special Units[edit | edit source]

Unit Points Minimum
Icon-AirEnemy.svg F-15E "ORYOL" 2000 Expert [note 1]

S Rank[edit | edit source]

Earning an S rank on this mission requires earning an average rank of S on the individual operations and the Mission Update. The S rank requirements for each stage are as follows:[1]

  • Operation A: 12,000+ points
  • Operation B: 10,700+ points
  • Operation C: 28,700+ points
  • Mission Update: 14,000+ points

Debriefing[edit | edit source]

Enemy forces on Rargom Beach have been annihilated, and the landing operation has ended successfully. We are finally able to provide full relief and support to our exhausted forces on the mainland. The Emmerian military is in position to advance towards the center of the continent, combine with our forces fighting the resistance, and take out Estovakian Forces. Garuda Team, you've really earned a good name for yourselves here. Pull yourselves together and get ready for some action up there. We don't want this to be your last mission.

Footnotes[edit source]

  1. Proclaiming Resistance in the Waves (波うちに反抗を謳う)
  2. Anean Continent Landing Operation (アネア大陸上陸戦)
  1. ORYOL will appear over Warlock Separate Battalion following the Mission Update.

References[edit source]