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Warlock Separate Battalion, officially the 1st Tank Battalion, is a large Republic of Emmeria Army tank battalion under the command of Gary Campbell. It was a key asset during the Emmeria-Estovakia War and often worked alongside Windhover Squadron.[3]

Prior to the war, the battalion were assigned to the defense of Khesed Island, however by the end of the conflict, their heroic actions resulted in them being seen as national heroes.[3]


Warlock Battalion was deployed in several operations throughout the war. Starting with the battle of Sipli Field and battle of Bartolomeo Fortress they aided in successfully driving all Estovakian forces off of Khesed Island.[4][5]

Following the Battle of Khesed Island,[6] the battalion would participate in the Rargom Beach offensive, pushing through the center towards the Jamel Desert.[1] After successfully establishing a foothold in western Anea, they would continue heading east alongside the Emmerian Military, pushing ever closer to Gracemeria.

While traversing the Selumna Peaks, the Emmerian Military came under attack by Nimbus missiles.[7] To mitigate the threat posed by these missiles, the destruction of the P-1112 Aigaion was necessary. To launch an assault on the Aerial Fleet, the air facilities in Cavallia Air Force Base, San Loma were required. On February 15, 2016, the battalion would aid in liberating the city.[2]

With the threat of cruise missiles now absent, the Emmerian military continued towards their former capital, driving the Estovakian Military out of Grageo Canyon and the Moloch Desert.[8][9]

On March 31, 2016, during Operation Free Gracemeria, the battalion successfully took back the radio station and helped liberate the city.[10]