Cavallia Air Force Base

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Cavallia Air Force Base is a military installation located within the city of San Loma.[1]


Following the Invasion of Gracemeria, the Estovakians began to push the Emmerians out of Anea. In September, 2015, they reached Tarvo and began to lay siege to San Loma. With the support of the P-1112 Aigaion, Strigon Team, and Vaslav Reynek,[2] the city fell and the Estovakian military took control on the air base.[3]

The Emmerian Joint Chiefs of Staff devised a plan to take down the Estovakian Aerial Fleet and end the threat of the Nimbus missiles. However, this plan required the use of a springboard to launch said assault from. They came to the conclusion that Cavallia Air Force Base in San Loma was the perfect candidate.[4]

On February 15, 2016, the Emmerians launched the San Loma takeover operation, aiming to recapture Cavallia's military facilities and ultimately liberate the city. The operation was a success, the city and the air base were once again under Emmerian control.[5]

Five days later, on February 20, multiple Republic of Emmeria Air Force squadrons launched from the base and headed to the Fuscum Sea where they would launch a surprise attack on the Aerial Fleet.[6]