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San Loma is a city located in Tarvo (タルボ Tarubo),[2] an industrial region on the southern coast of Emmeria. The city became a pivotal battleground during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.


San Loma is a large metropolitan area situated on the southern coastline of the Tarvo region. The city is constructed around Doypalm Bay, which is connected to the Fuscum Sea.[1] A landfill is located close to the bay, used as a dumping site for industrial waste. The area surrounding the city is mostly comprised of rolling plains and small foothills.[2]

There are two airports around the bay, the most notable being Cavallia Air Force Base. Cavallia is located west of the bay, and has been historically used as both a private airport and a military base. Because of its close proximity to the rest of the city, air traffic is common in the skies above San Loma.[2]


A large-scale battle took place in San Loma in September 2015, during the Emmerian forces' westerly retreat. Estovakia laid siege to the city using the P-1112 Aigaion and Strigon Team. As in the Invasion of Gracemeria, Emmerian forces could not match the Aigaion's power and were forced to surrender San Loma to the Estovakians.[3]

On February 15, 2016, Emmerian forces returned to San Loma in an effort to liberate it. Emmeria hoped to utilize Cavallia Air Force Base as a springboard for an assault on the Aigaion and her Aerial Fleet. Various Emmerian units, including the Warlock Separate Battalion, Hammerhead Squadron, and Emmerian 2nd Fleet, approached San Loma on multiple fronts. The Republic of Emmeria Air Force, notably Garuda Team, provided support to these three units. They successfully liberated San Loma, and took off from Cavallia five days later for an assault on the Aerial Fleet.[1]