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"The Stovies have no skills! This'll be a walk in the park!"
Anthony Doyle[1]

The Republic of Emmeria Army,[a] also referred to as the Emmerian Army,[2] is the land-based branch of the Emmerian military. It is a large force comprised of numerous battalions and personnel. The only known major deployment of the Army was during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[3]


Vistoc incident

Following the Estovakian Civil War, Emmeria resumed its Estovakian aid program that was halted in 2010.[4] On February 4, 2014, an Emmerian Reconstruction Assistance Force storage facility containing supplies for 50,000 Estovakians was attacked by former Lyes United Front members. During the attack, eight Emmerian soldiers were killed, prompting the Emmerian Army to quickly deploy reinforcements.[5]

Emmeria-Estovakia War

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the Emmerian Army helped defend Gracemeria from a surprise attack, however, was forced to retreat when the Emmerian Air Force and Navy suffered heavy losses from Nimbus missile strikes.[6] While the majority of the Emmerian military retreated west, those still on the mainland launched four operations to recapture Gracemeria. These operations failed and the military was forced to retreat.[7]

Retreating west, multiple Emmerian battalions were able to retreat to Khesed Island thanks to efforts from the Marigold,[8] while other battalions retreated to Silvat Town, where they would later become pinned down.[9] On December 27, 2015, the Emmerian Army successfully recaptured Mount Marcello with the help of Garuda Team and other Emmerian squadrons. The following month, the Emmerian Army performed an amphibious landing in western Anea and established a foothold after recapturing Ortara, Rargom Beach, and defeating Estovakian reinforcements in the Jamel Desert.[10] Following the landing, Emmerian squadrons rescued the pinned down Emmerian Army battalions around Silvat.[9]

With a substantially larger force, the Emmerian Army pushed further inland. From this point on, the Army participated in a series of successful operations, including recapturing San Loma,[11] Ragno Fortress,[12] and defeating a large Estovakian military presence in the Moloch Desert.[13] On March 31, 2016, the Emmerian Army aided in liberating Gracemeria from Estovakian control.[14] That night, the Army helped protect the city from a retaliatory cruise missile attack.[15]


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  1. The name "Republic of Emmeria Army" is never officially stated and the branch is only ever referred to as the "Emmerian Army". However, from the official abbreviation of the Emmerian Air Force (REAF), we know "Republic of Emmeria Air Force" is its full name. Hence, Acepedia assumes the full name of the Army follows the same format.