Grizzly Tank Battalion

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"Is this the dance hall? Looks like I missed out on all the action!"
― Grizzly Battalion

The Grizzly Tank Battalion (2nd Corps 3rd Brigade 9th Tank Battalion) was a battalion of tank ground forces of the Republic of Emmeria Army, involved in the standoff in Silvat Town. Their leader was Jose Cesar Torres.


Grizzly is most famous for standing firm against Estovakian attacks and buying time for other units to establish a defensive line around Silvat. Even though they were surrounded in the process, Garuda team arrived and assisted in getting them back to the defense line. They are latter seen counter-attacking enemy forces.

As Estovakian attacks on the town intensified, Grizzly Battalion bought the Army's forces time to establish a defense line around the town in standing firm against the invaders. Surrounded in the process, Garuda Team arrived to fend off the Estovakians, Grizzly thus being able to move to the defense line. As the battle progressed, The defense positions changed into an Emmerian counter-attack, turning the tide of battle to Emmerian Forces' victory.[1]