Standoff in Silvat Town

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"All forces, fight to the death for this land! Give them a taste of Estovakian pride!"
Estovakian commander[2]

The standoff in Silvat Town, also known as the Battle of Silvat,[1] was one of the most arduous engagements during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.


Following the Battle of San Loma, a large portion of the Emmerian military retreated and stationed themselves at Silvat Town.[3] There, they continued an Emmerian presence on the mainland while other Emmerian forces would be evacuated across the sea.


At an unknown point during the war, the Estovakian Forces began bombarding Silvat. By February 2016, Emmerian forces were pinned down in and around the city.[4]

On February 7, 2016, Emmerian reinforcements from Khesed Island arrived in the Rawllins Plain and began providing support to their allies. Windhover Squadron supported Grizzly Tank Battalion, who were defending the city, while the Barracuda and Dragon Busters battalions engaged other forces around it.[2]

Stingray and Sky Kid squadrons helped maintain control of the airport, and Sherpa Signal Battalion provided ESM to allied air forces. Yellow Jacket also aided Gavial Tank Battalion in destroying Estovakian gun trains.[2]

With the support of the Khesed reinforcements, the Emmerians managed to eliminate the majority of the invading forces. Estovakian forces were soon after ordered to retreat, and the Emmerian military gave chase. While on the retreat, Irena Dvornik attempted to hold the frontline, however, she was shot down and killed by Garuda Team.[2]

Shortly afterward, all Estovakian forces in Rawllins were eliminated and the region was once again under full Emmerian control.[2]


Following the battle, the Emmerian military presence on Anea was significantly bolstered, allowing them to soon after push eastward towards Gracemeria.[5]