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"Don't doubt our troops. Estovakia is a land of highly-skilled fighters!"
Estovakian Broadcaster[1]

The Estovakian Army is one of three military branches of the Estovakian Forces. The only known large-scale deployment of the Army was during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[2]


All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The branch's history before the Emmeria-Estovakia War is unknown, although it most likely splintered during the Estovakian Civil War. After the civil war concluded, the Army was reformed, likely with Eastern Faction forces at its core.

During the Invasion of Gracemeria, airborne forces were among the Estovakians to invade the capital. Some were destroyed before they could deploy and others were engaged and destroyed by Emmerian forces on the ground. The Emmerian's subsequent withdraw, though, allowed the Estovkian Army to march unopposed into Gracemeria and capture the city.

Once the Estovakian Aerial Fleet secured air superiority over most of mainland Emmeria, the Estovakian army moved west, laying siege against Silvat Town and deploying forces to Khesed Island, both the Emmerian military's last hold outs. All forces deployed to Khesed, however, were destroyed by a determined Emmerian counterattack while the forces at Silvat Town refused to surrender.

Emmeria was able to land back on the mainland and link up with the forces in Silvat town in two operations that caused massive casualties and forced the Estovakian Army on the defensive. The loss of San Loma allowed the Emmerian military to destroy the Aerial Fleet, robbing all Estovakian forces of air superiority over the country. The Estovakian Army's last defensive line, the captured Ragno Fortress, fell to Emmeria forces during the Battle of Ragno Fortress.

With the Emmerians rapidly approaching Gracemeria, the Estovakian Army gathered its forces in the Moloch Desert in a final effort to stop them from reaching the city. Though The Generals were able to intimidate the Emmerian forces to retreat with the threat of chemical weapons, severe casualties were still sustained. The weapons was destroyed the following day, and the Emmerian military continued its advance.

The Army's last known operation of the war was defending the city during Operation Free Gracemeria. Estovakian ground forces were heaviest at Gracemeria Air Force Base and the Capital Building. Despite their numerical superiority, all Estovakian forces were defeated and Emmeria completely liberated. And soldiers who survived the battle were likely taken in as prisoners of war.


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