The Generals

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"The Generals," also known as the Estovakian Military Regime,[2] was a military junta that served as the governing body of the Estovakian government following the Estovakian Civil War. It was comprised of high-ranking Eastern Faction officers.


On October 29, 2013, the Eastern Faction defeated its main rival, the Lyes United Front, in a battle near the Emmerian border, ending the Estovakian Civil War and becoming the leading power in Estovakia.[3] Emmeria Daily News reported on the victory shortly afterward.[4] By early 2014, the Generals consolidated their power in the nation,[5] with the majority of the population believing that military rule was the only way forward.[1]

With stability returning to Estovakia, Emmeria restarted its aid program. On February 4, 2014, an Emmerian storage facility in the Estovakian city of Vistoc was attacked by former LUF members. The Emmerian Army quickly deployed reinforcements. A conference was held in response to the attacks, during which, Estovakian Foreign Minister Antonina Koznick questioned Emmeria's previous support for the LUF. Emmerian Ambassador Belle responded that the LUF was misusing the aid previously provided. Ultimately, the conference resulted in rising tensions between the Generals' government and the Emmeria.[6]

In August 2015, the Generals declared war on Emmeria as the Estovakian Air Force simultaneously invaded Gracemeria. Despite almost being repelled at first, they managed to secure the capital with the P-1112 Aigaion. Throughout November,[7] the majority of the Emmerian military was pushed to Khesed Island[8] but they managed to return to the Anean mainland by February 2016.[9] On February 7, the daughter of General Gustav Dvornik was killed during the Standoff in Silvat Town.[10]

On February 20, the Republic of Emmeria Air Force shot down the Aerial Fleet, allowing the Emmerian military to start advancing towards Gracemeria.[11] On March 31, Emmeria liberated their capital and most of the Generals began arranging for a ceasefire agreement with Emmerian leaders.[12] However, General Gustav Dvornik and a number of other officers opposed the peace talks, opting to use the recently-completed Chandelier railgun to attack Gracemeria the night of its liberation.[13] The following day, the Emmerian military managed to destroy the railgun at the Razgriz Straits. During the battle, General Gustav Dvornik was killed by Talisman.[14] In Estovakia, a coup d'etat in the nation's capital overthrew the Generals, bringing an end to military rule.[15]