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Colonel General[2] Gustav Dvornik—callsign Korol—was a member of "The Generals," a military junta which governed Estovakia in the aftermath of the Estovakian Civil War.[3] As the commander of the Estovakian Central Forces Precinct and a general of the Estovakian Expeditionary Forces, he held command over all Estovakian forces during the Emmeria-Estovakia War,[3] and was successful in driving Emmerian resistance off of the Anean mainland, leaving them with only a few strongholds on Khesed Island.[4]

However, his forces proved unable to stop the subsequent Emmerian counter-advance, which resulted in the death of his daughter[3] and the Emmerian liberation of Gracemeria.[1] During the closing days of the war, Dvornik and his supporters—who opposed any sort of peace talks with Emmeria—commandeered the Chandelier, where they plotted a final counteroffensive.[5] He was subsequently killed during the Emmerian assault on the Chandelier.[6][3]

Dvornik is one of many named aces found in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, appearing in the final mission of the game.[6]


Early life

Gustav Dvornik was born in Estovakia in 1967. At some point in his life, he joined the Estovakian Air Force, rising to a high profile within its ranks.

In 1991, Dvornik had a daughter, Irena.[7]

Estovakian Civil War

When the Estovakian Civil War broke out in 2007, Dvornik assumed the role of Supreme Commander of the Eastern Faction, one of the five main factions of the conflict. The strongman of his forces, he made the reunification of Estovakia his primary objective, and fought tirelessly to achieve this goal.[3]

Midway through the conflict, the Eastern Faction acquired experimental technology brought in by defectors from the Principality of Belka. Their technological contributions proved instrumental in Dvornik's concept for the P/F-X program—also known as the Aerial Fleet Initiative. Nevertheless, by 2012, development of the initiative had stalled, leading to some analysts to speculate that Dvornik might instead choose to procure the super-submarine Alicorn.[8] Development of the Aerial Fleet Initiative eventually resumed, however, resulting in the creation of the P-1112 Aigaion. The Aigaion proved to be an immediate game-changer in the conflict, quickly crushing its opposition and cementing the Eastern Faction as the winners of the Estovakian Civil War.

After the conclusion of the war, Dvornik helped form a committee of military leaders known as "The Generals." The junta assumed control of the Estovakian government, convincing the Estovakian populace that a military dictatorship was the only way to restore order to the nation.

Emmeria-Estovakia War

Gustav Dvornik's Assault Record

On August 30, 2015, Estovakia invaded the Republic of Emmeria, starting the Emmeria-Estovakia War. Dvornik assumed the role of Expeditionary Forces General and commander of the Central Forces Precinct, using blitzkrieg tactics to quickly drive the Emmerian military off the mainland. Despite this, he was unable to fully wipe them out at Khesed Island, resulting in the Emmerians launching a counterattack and eventually staging a landing operation to secure a foothold on the mainland.[9]

During this time, Dvornik repeatedly tried to transfer his daughter, Irena—who, by this point, had become the military's poster girl after joining the Estovakian Air Force—out of harm's way, but she continually refused.[7] During an Emmerian offensive near the town of Silvat, however, Irena was shot down[7] and killed in action[3] by the Garuda Team.[10]

Prior to the liberation of the Emmerian capital city of Gracemeria, Dvornik fled the city and slipped past the encircling Emmerian ground forces in order to return to Estovakia, where he plotted to use the Chandelier railgun to annihilate Gracemeria.[3] Under his orders, the first salvo of cruise missiles was launched from the railgun the very same night of the capital's liberation.[11] The next day, however, the Emmerian military launched an air assault on the Chandelier near Sonne Island in northern Estovakia, aiming to eliminate the cruise missile threat to Emmeria and wipe out the last remnants of Estovakian resistance.[6]

Dvornik and his squadron before taking off and being shot down by Talisman

In desperation, the soldiers responsible for manning the Chandelier attempted to fire a charged projectile at Gracemeria, intending to destroy the city in its entirety. As preparations for the final shot were conducted, Dvornik attempted to escape Sonne Island. He boarded an F-4E Phantom II at the base's hangar and entered the runway, followed by three escorts. As he fled, however, the group came under attack by the Emmerian ace Talisman, who shot down Dvornik's aircraft and killed him.[6]

In the post-war period, Emmerian intelligence reports were conflicted regarding Dvornik's cause of death. Some argued that he died when the Chandelier exploded, while others said that he was killed while trying to escape Sonne.[3]


  • Dvornik's rank insignia bears a striking resemblance to the US Navy's Fleet Admiral insignia.
  • Dvornik's callsign, "Korol," means "king" in Russian. Conversely, his surname, "Dvornik," means "janitor." His callsign is part of a naming theme with the final three named aces of Ace Combat 6, who are all named after playing cards:
    • Valeriy Nikitov's callsign, "Valet," is the Russian name for the Jack card.
    • Vaslav Reynek's callsign, "Dama," is the Russian name for the Queen card.
    • Dvornik's own callsign, as previously mentioned, is "Korol," the Russian name for the King card.
    • While there is no named aircraft that uses the name of the Ace card, it can be inferred that Talisman fills that role, due to being the game's protagonist.