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Silvat Town, or simply Silvat (ジルワート),[2] is a small town located on the western mainland of Emmeria, Anea. The town is situated in the grassy Rawllins Plain. It became an important stepping stone for Emmeria's counterattack during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.


Silvat is a single town comprised of multiple smaller villages.[2] Lake Claudia is situated west of the town. Silvat is also home to Seborna Airport. The grassy Rawllins Plain extends across the entire surroundings of Silvat.[1]


Estovakia forced the majority of the Republic of Emmeria Air Force and some battalions of the Army off of the mainland by late 2015. Most Army battalions were stuck in Silvat Town and surrounded by Estovakian forces, resulting in a lengthy standoff.[1]

By February 2016, the remaining Emmerian battalions in Silvat—Grizzly, Barracuda, Dragon Busters, Gavial, and Sherpa—were on the brink of defeat. The Emmerian Air Force arrived on February 7 to rescue the battalions and eliminate Estovakian presence in Silvat. The operation's success allowed Emmeria to regroup and begin a large counterattack operation.[1]