Dragon Busters Battalion

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"Dragon Busters, roger. It's time to get close and personal!"
― Andrew Gallagher during the standoff in Silvat Town[1]

Dragon Busters Battalion, officially the 6th Tank Battalion, is an Republic of Emmeria Army battalion that was deployed during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. The battalion was under the command of Andrew Gallagher.


Emmeria-Estovakia War

Following the Estovakian takeover of Gracemeria in August 2015, the Dragon Busters Battalion retreated west and held up at Silvat Town.[1]

In January 2016, the Estovakian military began an assault on Silvat, which resulted in massive losses for the Emmerian military. Dragon Busters would assist in the defense of allied facilities but were ultimately facing defeat. However, during the engagement, Emmerian reinforcement from Khesed Island arrived and quickly turned the tide of the battle. The Estovakian forces were driven back to their field HQ, but were completely destroyed before they could complete their withdrawal.[1]

Following the standoff in Silvat Town, the battalion would assist the Emmerian military in retaking their lost territory and eventually become a symbol of Emmeria's freedom. Their most crowning achievements during the war occurred during Operation Free Gracemeria on March 31, 2016, where they successfully recaptured Gracemeria's capitol building.[2]


  • The battalion's name comes from Namco's arcade game Dragon Buster, released in 1984.