Gracemeria cruise missile attack

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"We're back for you Emmeria!"
Estovakian pilot[1]

The Gracemeria cruise missile attack was a retaliatory strike in the carried out by members of the Estovakian military who opposed the treaty signing with the Republic of Emmeria.[2] Taking place during the final month of the Emmeria-Estovakia War, it aimed to completely destroy the Emmerian capital city, Gracemeria.


Following Gracemeria's liberation from Estovakian occupation, its citizens began to celebrate their freedoms as Emmerian and Estovakian leaders arranged for a ceasefire treaty. Meanwhile, Estovakian officers opposing the treaty signing activated the Chandelier and prepared to use it for a retaliatory strike.[2] Several squadrons, including Garuda Team, received orders to patrol the skies over Gracemeria during the celebrations.[1]


However, during the celebrations, the Estovakians unexpectedly launched several cruise missiles at Gracemeria. In addition, multiple stealth fighter squadrons were sent to support the cruise missile attack. Even though there was fierce resistance, the Emmerians were able to prevent any of the cruise missiles from hitting Gracemeria.[1]


After the cruise missile attack ended in failure, analysis reports confirmed that the cruise missiles were launched from a point north of Estovakia. As a result, the Emmerians began preparations to prevent the launch of future cruise missiles.[1]