Sonne Island

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"It's like a mirror. Like it's giving us a good look into the Estovakian soul."
Freddie Durand[1]

Sonne Island is a small island located in the Razgriz Straits, northern Estovakia.[2][3] Located nearby the island is the giant railgun, the Chandelier.[1]


Sonne Island is covered in snow and is home to a large forest; a large mountain is located in the center of the island, with its peak reaching approximately 837 meters above sea level.[1] Due to the Ulysses Impact Event, the island is dotted with numerous impact craters–including the Antenora Crater.[1]


Ulysses planetfall and aftermath

Following the announcement of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid's increased impact radius, Estovakia began construction on its own meteorite interception system—the Chandelier—nearby the island. However, with little over a year remaining before impact, it was not completed in time, and soon after, numerous asteroid fragments would fall across Anea.[4] Sonne Island itself was also struck by multiple fragments, creating the Antenora Crater and additional smaller ones.[1]

Emmeria-Estovakia War

The Antenora Crater

The Chandelier would not be completed until an unspecified time during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[1] The weapon would be used to carry out attacks on Gracemeria following its liberation.[5]

Sometime after Operation Free Gracemeria, General Gustav Dvornik, along with remaining Estovakian forces—including the survivors of Strigon Team—would be stationed at the Chandelier.[1]

On April 1, 2016, the Republic of Emmeria Air Force would be sent to investigate the vicinity surrounding the island, believing it to be the origin point of the attacks. During the sortie, they discovered the completed Chandelier and a battle quickly ensued. The engagement resulted in the death of General Gustav Dvornik and concluded when Talisman flew into the Chandelier and destroyed its core.[1]



  • "Sonne" is German for "Sun".
  • The Antenora Crater is similar in size to the Ryker Crater in Farbanti.