Rargom Beach offensive

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"The Estovakian flag looks pretty ugly flappin' around in that city."
Quox Battalion soldier[1]

The Rargom Beach offensive was a battle in the Jamel Desert during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. Rargom Beach, the city of Ortara and the Kijera Oil Fields, were taken by the Estovakian Forces during their push into Emmeria in the opening months of the war. Following the successful recapture of Khesed Island, the Emmerian military conducted a successful landing on the Anean mainland.


Following the battle of Bartolomeo Fortress, the Emmerian military had successfully retaken control of Mount Marcello and Khesed Island as a whole.[2] Plans immediately began being drawn up to retake the mainland.[3]

They deemed Rargom Beach as the ideal point to establish a beachhead on the Anean mainland, and troops began being loaded up onto transports.[4]

The Battle

On January 26, 2016, Emmerian troops from Khesed landed on Rargom Beach and the area surrounding it.[1]

Warlock Separate Battalion, after being taken to shore by landing craft, attacked the main Estovakian ground forces at the central beachhead.[1]

Warlock Battalion tank landing at Rargom Beach

Quox Armored Battalion, also taken to shore by landing craft, invaded Ortara. After the city was taken, Yellow Jacket, a helicopter unit, was tasked with escorting CH-47 Chinook helicopters transporting the Emmerian special forces team to the airport so that it could be retaken.[1]

The Republic of Emmeria Navy sent the 2nd Fleet led by the Marigold to attack the Estovakian fleet in the Kijera Oil Fields. Republic of Emmeria Air Force fighters provided air support to all participated ground and naval units.[1]

After the Estovakian occupation forces had been weakened, they were reinforced by radar-equipped armored troops, as well as gunships and close-air-support craft, which were all concentrated in the Jamel Desert. The forces were driven back by the Emmerians, who won the battle as the Estovakians reinforcements were eliminated.[1]


The recapture of Ortara was a vital step in the war. Following establishing a beachhead at Rargom Beach, the Emmerian military headed towards Rawllins Plain, to aid their pinned down unit at Silvat Town.[5]