Kijera Oil Fields

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"You see that? It's an oil field."

The Kijera Oil Fields are a collection of oil fields located nearby the Jamel Desert, off the western coast of Anea.[1]

The oil fields are a key contributor to Emmeria's economic prosperity. They also supply the country with fuel.[2]


A series of oil platforms were constructed offshore, alongside multiple refineries and storage facilities. A large-scale pipeline was also constructed to ease the transport of the oil.[2]


By September 2015, the Estovakian Forces had completely taken over the Anean mainland, including the Kijera Oil Fields.[3]

The Scorpio sinking into the oil fields

In January 2016, the Emmerian military launched an amphibious landing operation on Rargom Beach. One of the operations saw multiple Emmerian Navy fleets engaging Estovakian Navy vessels defending the Kijera Oil Fields. Emmeria's 2nd Fleet—supported by Garuda and Avalanche squadrons—played a pivotal role in securing the oil fields.[1]

Estovakian reinforcements arrived following their loss of the oil fields, but Republic of Emmeria Air Force fighters quickly aided in eliminating the threat.[1]