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"All threats posed by enemy ships have been eliminated. Many thanks to Garuda Team, the Emmerian aces."
― Captain Kenneth Ford[1]

The Marigold was an Emmerian Kirov-class battle cruiser and the flagship of the Emmerian Navy 2nd Fleet. Throughout the Emmeria-Estovakia War, she played a pivotal role in anti-ship operations and was under the command of Captain Kenneth Ford.


On August 30, 2015, during the Invasion of Gracemeria, the 2nd Fleet suffered substantial losses while defending the capital.[2] Ordered to retreat, the remaining 2nd Fleet ships regrouped around the Marigold and broke through an enemy blockade preventing them from escaping and headed west.[3]

While on the retreat, Emmerian ground forces were trapped on the western edge of the mainland. Despite a superior Estovakian Navy presence, the Marigold–employing diversionary tactics–was able to make it past the blockade and transport the remaining Emmerian troops to Khesed Island.[2]

Following the recapture of Bartolomeo Fortress, the Emmerian military commenced landing operations on Anea in January 2016. During the operation, the Marigold led her fleet against enemy forces in the vicinity of the Kijera Oil Fields.[4]

On February 15, the Marigold participated in the San Loma Assault, carrying out an operation alongside Avalanche Squadron. The operation would see the Marigold and her fleet engage an enemy blockade defending San Loma. During the operation, the fleet managed to push into Doypalm Bay and shortly afterward destroyed any remaining Estovakian vessels.[5]

The Marigold moves into the King's Bay

On March 31, during Operation Free Gracemeria, the Marigold and her fleet engaged the South Sea Fleet defending King's Bay[1] while simultaneously bombarding enemy positions along the coastline.[2] With support from Garuda Team, the 2nd Fleet was able to recapture the bay and ultimately help liberate the capital. During Talisman's ensuing battle with Ilya Pasternak, the Marigold continued to provide anti-aircraft fire and electronic support.[1]