South Sea Fleet

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"The Marigold's taken another hit. We can't take much more of this!"
AWACS Ghost Eye[1]

The South Sea Fleet was an Estovakian Navy fleet that saw deployment during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. For the majority of the war, the fleet was stationed at and defended Gracemeria.[2]


On August 30, 2015, largely due to the P-1112 Aigaion, Estovakian forces managed to capture Gracemeria.[3] The South Sea Fleet was reassigned to Gracemeria as part of a new defensive network shortly afterward. When the Emmerian military launched the King & Balloon Operations to retake the city, the defensive umbrella, including the South Sea Fleet, the Aigaion, and Strigon Team, managed to repel them.[2]

On March 31, 2016, Emmerian forces converged on Gracemeria and the fleet was given an order to defend the city to the death.[2] The fleet carried out this order for the most part, despite many sailors abandoning their vessels. During the battle, they set up two defensive lines to defend Gracemeria, one in front of the King's Bridge and the other within King's Bay. Despite their best efforts, the Emmerian Navy was able to capture the bay. Additionally, the fleet's naval ace, Valeriy Nikitov, was shot down by Talisman.[1]