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"It's great to be back in Ortara! Home sweet home, baby!"
Quox Armored Battalion soldier[1]

Ortara is a coastal city located on the southwestern side of the Anean continent. It is located nearby the Jamel Desert.[1]

It was renowned for its prosperous textile manufacturing industries which contributed to Emmeria's economic prosperity.[2] The city is also known for having great gelato.[1]


The city resembles a Middle-Eastern town with sand covering a majority of the landscape.


Estovakian occupation

After the loss of cities such as Gracemeria and San Loma in the early stages of the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the majority of the Anean continent was under Estovakian control.[3][4] As the Estovakian military approached the coast, the Emmerian Air Force's 303rd Airborne Air Control Squadron, which was usually stationed at Ortara, was transferred to Khesed Island.[5] Eventually, Estovakia took control of the city as well.

After the Emmerian forces on Khesed managed to recapture Mount Marcello, plans were immediately devised to retake the mainland.[1]


"Hey, I remember this place. They've got the best gelato."
Quox Armored Battalion soldier[1]

On January 26, 2016, the Emmerians launched their landing operation which would spread across the coastline of the Anean continent. One operations during the mission was to recapture the city of Ortara and its airfield. With the combined efforts of the Quox Armored Battalion, Yellow Jacket helicopter unit, the Emmerian Special Forces and Garuda Team fighter squadron, the city and it's airfield were liberated.[1]