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"Fighter jets diving into tunnels. That's never been done before."
Bird Eater[1]
"Just another day on the job for an ace pilot."

Yellow Jacket, officially the 1st Helicopter Unit, is a Republic of Emmeria Navy helicopter unit assigned to the 3rd Fleet. The unit was led by Richard Lee and was named after his callsign.[2] Yellow Jacket saw numerous deployments during the Emmeria-Estovakia War and sometimes conducted operations with the Emmerian Special Forces.[3] By the end of the war, Yellow Jacket grew to become a renowned enemy of the Estovakian military.[2]


Following the Invasion of Gracemeria, Yellow Jacket participated in search and rescue operations for any surviving Emmerian soldiers spread across the Anean mainland. They would continue this endeavor until reuniting with Emmerian forces that had retreated to Khesed Island.[2]

Once with the Khesed Island forces, Yellow Jacket would go on to participate in many key operations. The first operation they took part in on Khesed Island was during the battle of Sipli Field, where they assisted Steel Gunners Battalion in capturing artillery site.[4] On January 26, 2016, Yellow Jacket would partake in an operation alongside Quox Armored Battalion and the Emmerian Special Forces to retake an airport behind the city of Ortara.[5]

Once a foothold on the Anean mainland was established, the Emmerian military headed straight for Silvat Town, where a substantial allied force was being pinned down. During the standoff in Silvat Town, the helicopter unit would assist Gavial Tank Battalion in destroying enemy armored trains.[6]

Yellow Jacket with an Emmerian F-16C Fighting Falcon infiltrating Ragno Fortress

After the destruction of the P-1112 Aigaion, Emmeria headed straight for Gracemeria.[7] In their path was Ragno Fortress, located in Grageo Canyon. On March 6, 2016, the Emmerian military launched an attack on the fortress. Yellow Jacket would be tasked with deploying special forces into the base through tunnels beneath the facility. With support from Garuda Team, the unit was able to fly inside the tunnels and deploy the soldiers.[1]

During Operation Free Gracemeria, the helicopter unit would assist Warlock Separate Battalion and Rigel Battalion in recapturing Gracemeria's radio station.[8]