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The Lyes United Front (LUF), formerly known as the Lyes Faction,[1] was one of the many Estovakian political factions during the country's time of political instability in the early 2000s. They would come into control of Estovakia by 2007, but their actions resulting in the Gledina humanitarian crisis directly led to the Estovakian Civil War.

The LUF disbanded by late 2013 due to suffering massive losses in the civil war. However, remnants of the organization continue to fight against the Estovakian government to this day.


Following the impact of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid, the Estovakian government lost central control and splintered into multiple warring factions. General Lyes formed the Lyes Faction, which soon became the largest and most powerful of the factions. By April 2007, the Lyes Faction was known as the Lyes United Front and had taken control of western Estovakia, including its former capital, leading to a de facto rule of the country as a whole for the next few years.[2]

Emmeria, who was providing aid to the country as a whole since the Ulysses impact, continued to do so after the LUF took control. However, the LUF saw fit to remove any threat from the other factions by any means necessary. To this end, the LUF halted all humanitarian aid going to the city of Gledina, which supposedly supported an opposing faction. The resulting Gledina humanitarian crisis led to the deaths of over 200,000 civilians.[2]

Immediately following the crisis, the Eastern Faction declared war on the LUF. The Independent Tariff Federation, Island Coalition, and Northern Highlands Faction, three other Estovakian factions, individually declared war on all the other factions; this resulted in the five-way Estovakian Civil War. In 2010, Emmeria discontinued their support of the LUF, opting instead for neutrality during the civil war.[2]

As the war went on, the Independent Tariff Federation was absorbed into the LUF, but the Eastern Faction, which merged with the Northern Highlands Faction, overpowered the LUF repeatedly. Eventually, the LUF disbanded and the Eastern Faction was victorious, earning control of the Estovakian government. Remnants of the LUF continue to fight against the Eastern Faction, its allies, and the Estovakian government as a whole, including performing terrorist attacks, but the organization mostly vanished by late 2013.[2]


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