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The Island Coalition was a political faction that fought for control of Estovakia during the Estovakian Civil War.[2]


Following the 2007 Gledina humanitarian crisis which caused the deaths of around 200,000 civilians, the Eastern Faction declared war on the ruling Lyes United Front, who were responsible for the crisis, sparking the Estovakian Civil War. Sometime afterward, the Island Coalition and other rival factions, the Northern Highlands Faction and Independent Tariff Federation also entered the conflict.[2]

At one point during the war, the Lyes United Front deployed Rousalka Team to capture an Island Coalition base. Island Coalition pilot Ozren Milos played a key role in defending the base and repelling Lyes United Front forces. The Island Coalition's defeat of the Lyes United Front in this engagement significantly contributed to the latter's defeat by the Eastern Faction at the end of the Estovakian Civil War.[3]

In 2013, the Island Coalition was defeated by the Eastern Faction. During the battle, Vampire Team member Franz Leko conducted a decisive low-altitude infiltration of Island Coalition territory, destroying valuable grounded aircraft and crucial gun emplacements, ultimately allowing the Eastern Faction to win the battle.[4] Additionally, Island Coalition pilot Yaroslav Deryagin was shot down by Strigon Team. When the Island Coalition was absorbed by the Eastern Faction, Deryagin was reassigned to Vampire Team. This occurred shortly before the decisive battle between the Lyes United Front and the Eastern Faction in October 2013.[1]