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Yaroslav Deryagin,[a] callsign Strigon 3, was a member of the Estovakian Air Force's elite Strigon Team and formerly a member of the Island Coalition and Eastern Faction during the Estovakian Civil War.[1]

Deryagin was not like his fellow Vampire Team wingmen, otherwise fiery and individualistic; being calm-mannered, skilled, and good-natured, he found a likewise mind in Ilya Pasternak.[1]


Yaroslav Deryagin was born in Estovakia in 1986.

Estovakian Civil War

During the Estovakian Civil War, Deryagin was a squad commander for the Island Coalition.[1] In 2013, shortly before the decisive battle between the Eastern Faction and the Lyes United Front in October, Deryagin was shot down by Strigon Team.

The Eastern Faction absorbed the Island Coalition, and Deryagin found himself reassigned to Vampire Team.[1]

Emmeria-Estovakia War

In 2016, during the Emmeria-Estovakia War, Deryagin was reassigned to the Strigon Team due to the team sustaining major losses following the assault on the Aerial Fleet and the battle of the Moloch Desert. During Emmeria's assault on the Chandelier, Deryagin led one of the two Chandelier Defense Team squads into battle.

He flew a three-man formation in the Chandelier Defensive Operation while Aleksei Cheshenko led a squad of the other four Strigon survivors. Both Deryagin and his two wingmen were killed in the ensuing battle.[1]



  • Yaroslav Deryagin is the second pilot to use the callsign Strigon 3 during the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the first being Karlo Bogdanovic.


  1. Yaroslav Deryagin (ヤロスラフ・デリャーギン Yarosurafu Deryāgin)


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