Vampire Team

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Vampire Team was an elite Eastern Faction fighter squadron that was later reformed under the Estovakian Air Force following the Estovakian Civil War. It was led by Ilya Pasternak until the squadron was disbanded.


Vampire Team served under the Eastern Faction during the Estovakian Civil War. During the civil war, the squadron shared a rivalry with the Strigon Team and Lucijan Markovic.[1]

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, Vampire Team continued to serve under the Estovakian Air Force after the Invasion of Gracemeria.[2]

Following the assault on the Aerial Fleet and the resulting deaths of multiple Strigon Team members, Vampire was disbanded and its pilots transferred to Strigon.[2] Ilya Pasternak was appointed as the new Strigon Leader.[3]