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Rousalka Team, officially the 23rd Fighter Squadron, and at one point known as the "Deadliest Naval Squadron", was most recently part of the 18th Aviation Regiment in the Estovakian Air Force's Southern Forces Precinct. It saw combat during the Estovakian Civil War and Emmeria-Estovakia War.

During the Estovakian Civil War, Rousalka Team was initially part of the Independent Tariff Federation, but was then assimilated into the Lyes United Front once the latter had been defeated by the former. It was led by Estovakian ace, Goran Rosandic.[1]


During the civil war, the Rousalka Team would go on to be known as the "Deadliest Naval Squadron" for its success in operations and overall lethality on the battlefield.[1]

However, the team lost this title when the Lyes United Front successfully carried out a surprise attack which ended the Independent Tariff Federation. From this point onwards, Rousalka Team would continue to operate but now as a part of the Lyes United Front.[1] At a certain point during the war, Rousalka Team was sent to take control of an Island Coalition base but were unsuccessful due to efforts by Estovakian ace Ozren Milos and other coalition forces. The failure to acquire this essential base of operations from the Island Coalition eventually led to the defeat of the Lyes United Front at the hands of Gustav Dvornik's Eastern Faction.[1]

After the civil war, Rousalka Team was absorbed into the Estovakian Air force and flew in the Emmeria-Estovakia War. Over San Loma, their flight lead Goran "The Devil Instructor" Rosandic flew to defend the city from the Emmerian assault in an effort to reclaim Rousalka Team's former glory. However, he was shot down by Garuda Team during the battle.[2]


  • "Rousalka" is a possible mistranslation of the Russian word "Rusalka" which translates to "Mermaid" in English.