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General Lyes was the leader of the Lyes United Front, one of the multiple factions vying for control of Estovakia following the Ulysses Impact Event, which devastated the nation.[2]

When the Lyes Faction took control of the former Estovakian capital in April 2007, Lyes briefly served as the nation's de facto head of state before his actions caused the outbreak of the Estovakian Civil War.[1]


Leading the Lyes Faction

Following the impact of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid and the Estovakian government's subsequential collapse, Lyes founded the Lyes Faction,[3] which quickly became the most of powerful of the factions.[2]

By April 2007, the Lyes Faction was renamed as the "Lyes United Front", and had taken control of western Estovakia, including its former capital, making Lyes the de facto head of state. He later ordered the suppression of multiple Estovakian cities opposing LUF rule. The blockade of one city, Gledina, led to a humanitarian crisis and resulted in the outbreak of the Estovakian Civil War.[4]

Estovakian Civil War

On January 15, 2013, Lyes conducted a large-scale offensive against the Eastern Faction. Despite their superior numbers, the LUF was overwhelmed by the Eastern Faction's superior weaponry, including the CFA-44 Nosferatu's ADMM, the P-1112 Aigaion,[5] operating alongside elite units including both Vampire and Strigon squadrons. Lyes' failure to counter the Eastern Faction's superior technology resulted in the LUF losing 80% of its territory to the Eastern Faction throughout the remainder of January.[1]

Throughout October, Lyes continued to lead his faction while on the retreat. However, Lyes was eventually killed on October 29, during the final decisive battle of the civil war near the Emmerian border.[1][6] With his faction defeated, the Eastern Faction took control of Estovakia and established the Estovakian Military Regime.[7]