Oleg Battalion

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"They've gotten past Oleg Battalion. Enemy forces are gaining ground!"
― Estovakian soldier[1]

Oleg Battalion was a tank battalion part of the Estovakian Army. They were deployed during the Liberation of San Loma to defend the city from the Emmerians who aimed to retake the city and seize control of its air facilities in Cavallia Air Force Base.[2]


"Oleg Battalion, spread out to decentralize the damage"
― Estovakian helicopter[1]

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, Oleg Battalion were deployed to the city of San Loma. On February 15, 2016, the Emmerian forces launched the San Loma takeover operation as they needed the city's airfield to act as a beachhead for launching a surprise attack on the Estovakian Aerial Fleet.[1]

Oleg Battalion with the help of several Estovakian helicopter units, would engage Warlock Separate Battalion as they attempted to push through to the city. However, due to the air support from Windhover Squadron and Garuda Team, Oleg Battalion along with their helicopter escort were completely wiped out, as a result Warlock Separate Battalion was able to push through to the city.[1]