Moloch Desert

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For the mission, see The Moloch Desert.

The Moloch Desert is a large desert located in central Anea, northwest of Gracemeria, Emmeria. It is a dry plain with sand dunes spread throughout the area, as well as a river traveling east-west. An Emmerian air base is located south of the river.


During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, Estovakian forces used the Moloch Desert as a final line of defense around Gracemeria against Emmeria's counter-offensive. These defenses included a ground battalion of pillboxes and tanks, an enemy command center, and an armed hovercraft unit. Estovakia also captured the airfield and used it to station numerous fighters and gunships.[1]

On March 25, 2016, Emmerian forces laid siege to Estovakia's forces in the desert in a push for Gracemeria. They operated on four fronts to destroy the ground battalion and command center, recapture the airfield, and shoot down the defending squadrons of fighters. Estovakian forces began to retreat as the battle was lost, and Emmerian forces ran them down to prevent them from adding to Gracemeria's defenses. However, Emmeria received information that Estovakia was about to enact a scorched earth policy and use WMDs on Gracemeria if Emmerian forces pushed too far; Emmeria was forced to order a retreat.[1]

Strigon Team entered the airspace above Moloch to engage the retreating Emmerian forces. Garuda 2, Shamrock, engaged the Strigon Team despite repeated warnings to retreat from AWACS Ghost Eye. Talisman assisted him and shot down all of Strigon. For disobeying a direct order, Garuda was temporarily suspended from combat.[1]



  • Moloch is a German word which translates to Juggernaut in English.
  • The Moloch Desert appears to be the northwestern part of the Nevada Desert. The airbase takes over the Tonopah Test Range structure.