Golden Axe Plan Private Army

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The Golden Axe Plan Private Army was an private military force formed in the aftermath of the Valahia's downfall. It was founded and led by Andre Olivieri as part of his Golden Axe Plan to make money by selling war damage insurance. Antares Squadron eliminated the Private Army before it could bring Olivieri's plan to fruition.


In April 2011,[1] the Valahia cut its ties with Olivieri and attempted to create a new nation on its own after taking control of a Soviet-era nuclear missile silo. One month later, Antares Squadron destroyed the missile silos, taking down the organization in the process.[2]

Olivieri took in refugees and equipment from the Valahia and forged a plan to use the army to start a war on the United States of America. The Valahia refugees moved to an abandoned base in Nevada while a new Spiridus was constructed at Lake Tahoe.[3] The private army also included three Orgoi aerial warships.[4]

Varcolac Squadron and Nicolae Dumitrescu revealed the truth to Antares Squadron and Frederick Burford during Antares' attack on the missile silos,[2] and the Golden Axe Plan Private Army attempted to use the Orgois to destroy Antares and AWACS Canopus while they rendezvoused at Midway Island. Antares shot down all three Orgois and the squadron safely reached America,[4] after which they neutralized the private army in Nevada[5] and shot down the Spiridus at Lake Tahoe.[6]

The remaining forces in the private army proceeded to attack San Francisco despite their losses. Varcolac Squadron also appeared in new GAF-1 Varcolac aircraft. Despite the advanced aircraft and the squadron's synchronized attacks, Antares shot down the entire squadron and destroyed the remaining private army forces with help from the United States Navy's 3rd Fleet. Olivieri stormed out of his headquarters and shouted at Antares before Antares killed him. Dog Bear secured his headquarters and publicly revealed his plans, dismantling whatever remained of the private army.[7]