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Midway Island

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Midway Island is a location in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. An atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, it is an equidistant point between Asia and North America, and is historically known for the Battle of Midway, a major confrontation between the United States and Japan's navies during World War II. One of its largest islands was Sand Island, which housed a former US Navy airfield during the war.

During the Valahia Crisis, Midway Island was the site of a joint military exercise between Martinez Security, Japan Self-Defense Forces and the Seventh Fleet of the United States Navy, who intercepted a Valahia air force headed to Japan.[1] After the discovery of the Golden Axe Plan, Fredric Burford and Antares Squadron used the Midway's airfield as their main base of operations, narrowly survived and repelled a bombing run from four Orgoi airborne carriers operated by the Golden Axe Plan Private Army.[2]