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United States of America

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The United States of America, sometimes referred to as U.S. or America, is a real-world country and international superpower. The country maintains the largest military force on Earth and is a founding member of both the United Nations and NATO. As such, its military has seen involvement in conflicts around the world.

The United States of America appears in all three real-world Ace Combat games. It is the player's home country in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and implied to be in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. The country plays a minor allied role in Ace Combat Infinity.


Joint Assault universe

Assault Horizon universe

In 1995, during the Bosnian War, American bomber aircraft took part in NATO's Operation Deliberate Force to bomb ground forces in the Serbian state of Republika Srpska. One bombing run had gone off-course and dropped bombs onto a civilian area; Krista Yoslav was among the casualties. Andrei Markov, traveling with Sergei Illich, discovered her body and swore revenge on NATO and, particularly, the United States.[1]

On September 11, 2001, four simultaneous terrorist attacks in the United States resulted in a heightened state of alert around the world. Eight months later, U.S. military radar failed to detect two unidentified aircraft that flew over Japan. Following these events, both the United States and Japanese governments re-evaluated their air defense systems. This eventually led to the development of the ASF-X Shinden II in Japan.[2]

Infinity universe


The country's flag at Homestead Air Reserve Base, Miami