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For the Infinity universe AWACS, see AWACS Sky-Eye.

"Today's my birthday! A victory sure would be nice."
― AWACS SkyEye[1]

AWACS SkyEye (also spelled AWACS Sky Eye) was the callsign of an AWACS aircraft belonging to the Independent State Allied Forces' Air Force during and after the Usean Continental War. As an AWACS, SkyEye's primary role was providing tactical data analysis and logistical support to other ISAF aircraft. He was frequently assigned to accompany and support the combat operations of ISAF's 118th Tactical Fighter Wing "Mobius".[2]

Sometime after Operation Katina, SkyEye continued to support Mobius Squadron under the IUN.[3]


Continental War (2003–2005)

Following the failure of the first assault on Stonehenge, the ISAF made a full retreat to North Point, where SkyEye was assigned to oversee Mobius Squadron and a number of other ISAF squadrons, including Rapier, Omega, and Halo.[4] SkyEye's first confirmed mission with Mobius Squadron was Operation Umbrella, a defensive operation to protect Allenfort Air Base and Newfield Island from an Erusean bombing run.[1] As the ISAF began mounting a counterattack, SkyEye led numerous ISAF engagements, including the coordination of close air support during the amphibious landings of Operation Bunker Shot.[2][5]

SkyEye would eventually lead the second, successful attack on Stonehenge, codenamed Operation Stone Crusher. Once the STN's central ECM jamming system had been knocked out, SkyEye provided the ISAF pilots with crucial data on the railgun cannons' weak points, which facilitated Mobius 1's spectacular performance and the STN's total destruction.[6] SkyEye has also supported solo missions undertaken by Mobius 1, including Operation Noah's Ark, Blindman's Bluff, and Aurora.[2]

At the end of the Continental War, ISAF laid siege to the Erusean capital, Farbanti. Under the codename Operation Autumn Thunder, SkyEye led the aerial assault on Farbanti while Bravo 1 led the ground assault. During the engagement, SkyEye observed several helicopters carrying the Erusean command personnel attempting to escape the area. SkyEye directed ISAF fighters to intercept the choppers and deal a crippling blow to Erusea's chain of command. Once the helicopters were eliminated, SkyEye detected five new IFF signatures—the infamous Yellow Squadron—entering the airspace. Recognizing the threat posed by the Yellows, SkyEye ordered Mobius 1 to ignore the other enemy units in the area and focus his attention on the Yellows. Mobius 1 proceeded to shoot them all down, after which SkyEye confirmed via radar that "air superiority [belonged to ISAF]", and the war came to an end.[7]

One week after the war's official conclusion, SkyEye led the recently expanded Mobius Squadron on an assault against the Eruseans' Megalith facility, codenamed Operation Judgement Day. Using schematics gathered by ISAF intelligence, SkyEye provided the ISAF pilots' HUDs with technical data on the installation and isolated its critical generator systems. After Mobius 1 destroyed the entire rocket-launch facility by himself, SkyEye praised his heroics over the radio.[8]

Operation Katina (2006)

Approximately one year after the end of the war, an armed splinter group named Free Erusea mounted an insurrection against the ISAF and the postwar Erusean government. SkyEye returned to active service to work alongside Mobius 1 on a covert ISAF operation, Operation Katina, and suppress the uprising. The two worked together seamlessly and eliminated the Free Erusea forces scattered around Erusea and the White Valley region.[9]

Free Erusean uprising (2014)

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SkyEye took part in the IUN-PKF's counter-terrorist operations during the 2014 Free Erusea uprising, where he assisted Mobius, Omega, Viper, Rapier, and Halo squadrons.[3]




  1. SkyEye mentions his birthday over the radio during Operations Umbrella and Autumn Thunder; his birth year is unknown.