Operation Bunker Shot (Strangereal)

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This article concerns the ISAF operation. For other uses, see Operation Bunker Shot.

"We do not have air superiority over the beach. This isn't as promised!"
― First Lieutenant Leonard Baelz[1]

Operation Bunker Shot was a landing operation performed by ISAF amphibious forces storming the southern coastline of the Usean mainland. Another major turning point in the Continental War hinged on the ISAF's coordinated land, air and naval forces' success against Erusea's coastal defenses.[1]


With the new recon satellite providing intelligence on Erusea's troop movements, and the threat of Erusea's powerful Aegir Fleet eliminated, the ISAF was finally ready to begin landing operations on the mainland and reclaim lost territory. To ensure the mission's success, a landing site was strategically selected outside Stonehenge's effective attack range: the Halle, Crowne, and Caranda beaches, on the southernmost peninsula of Usea. Erusea, which had anticipated an ISAF amphibious landing somewhere along the eastern coastline, had erected a defensive line of tank battalions, pillboxes and heavy artillery batteries just inland of the ISAF's planned landing areas. The ISAF had no other choice but to land at those locations and break through the Eruseans' resistance. [2]


The success of Operation Bunker Shot centered upon the coordinated efforts of ISAF's army, navy and air forces. A fleet of ISAF Navy vessels positioned themselves several miles out to sea and bombarded the Erusean coastal positions. Carrier-launched fighters provided close air support for the amphibious landing forces; the aircraft carriers would also support the ISAF Air Force fighters' refueling and rearming operations during the duration of the engagement. The ISAF Army incurred considerable casualties as it stormed the Halle, Crowne and Caranda beaches; however, the ISAF fighters' precision air strikes prevented these casualties from being much higher. ISAF fighters also contended with Erusean fighters and helicopters over the beaches. As the operation progressed, Erusea's losses outweighed ISAF's, and resistance from the landing sites steadily decreased.[1]

As ISAF forces began to drive the Eruseans away from the coastline, AWACS SkyEye detected a flight of six Erusean A-10A Thunderbolts inbound to Crowne Beach. The bombers were attempting to perform high-speed air strikes on the ISAF ground forces, breaking the ISAF's line in two. ISAF fighters immediately converged on the central beach and shot down all of the attacking A-10s, along with several of their escort fighters. However, First Lieutenant Baelz, commander of the forces at Crowne Beack was killed by one of these A-10s, causing Sergeant Collins to take command.

With the loss of the beachs, Erusean forces fell back to Istas Fortress, leaving ISAF to establish a beachhead.[1]


ISAF's victory at the landing sites marked another turning point in the continental war: three months after the ISAF's evacuation to North Point, the Allies had finally reestablished a foothold on the mainland. The ISAF could now expand its counteroffensive operations to regain the land that had been lost during Erusea's blitz offensive. Without the advantage afforded by Stonehenge backing its forces, Erusea was forced to retreat to its defensive "Tango Line" in central Usea.[3]