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"Approaching enemy territory. You're in dangerous airspace! All planes break! Break!"
― AWACS Eagle Eye[3]

AWACS Eagle Eye was the callsign of an Ustio Air Force AWACS during and after the Belkan War. As an AWACS, Eagle Eye's primary role was providing tactical data analysis and logistical support to other Ustian aircraft. Throughout the war, he accompanied and supported units of the UAF's mercenary division, in particular Galm Team.[4]


Belkan War

"Keep an eye on us up there, AWACS."
Larry Foulke to Eagle Eye[5]

Eagle Eye's first known assignment with Galm Team was Operation Roselein, wherein Galm was tasked with eliminating the Belkan Army's defensive positions along Route 171 in northern Sapin.[5] Over the coming weeks, Eagle Eye took part in the Allied Forces' counteroffensive operations, including Offensive Campaign No. 4101, which culminated in Operation Constantine and the liberation of Ustio on May 13. As the Allies initiated an invasion of Belkan territory, Eagle Eye began overseeing various offensive operations, including the breaking of Belka's defensive Hydrian Line during Operation Hell Bound (May 17).[6]

On May 19, Eagle Eye, Galm Team, and several other Allied squadrons were dispatched to the Schayne Plains to confront the Belkans' second line of defense. As the Belkan forces fell into retreat, Eagle Eye ordered Galm Team to cover the Allied transport planes that were inbound to the area. When the Excalibur laser weapon opened fire on the Allied air forces, Eagle Eye received an emergency transmission from Operations HQ detailing the projected attack areas. He then quickly relayed this information to Galm and the other Allied air units and ordered an immediate withdrawal from the combat airspace.[7]

Four days later, Eagle Eye led Galm and Crow Teams in a daring air strike on Excalibur, codenamed Operation Judgment. During the operation, Eagle Eye transmitted Excalibur's attack vectors to the mercenaries' radar displays, facilitating Galm 1's impressive destruction of the laser weapon.[3] Eagle Eye also supported both iterations of Galm Team during their unprecedented performances over Area B7R (Operation Choker One, Battle-Axe, and Thunderbolt).

On June 6, Eagle Eye―once again leading Galm and Crow Teams―set out for Sudentor to assist the Allies' siege of the city. While the mercenaries were en route to the mission airspace, Eagle Eye received an emergency transmission from Allied HQ reporting that Belkan bombers equipped with nuclear payloads had taken off bound for Ustio. Eagle Eye then ordered the mercenary fighters to intercept and shoot down the bombers; however, seven nuclear warheads were detonated along the Waldreich Mountains.[8] During the ensuing ceasefire period, Eagle Eye participated in two covert operations to quell the Belkan resistance forces (Operation Stone Age and Broom).

A World With No Boundaries uprising

"Demon Lord of the Round Table… I pray for your success"
― AWACS Eagle Eye to Cipher during operation Point Blank

Six months after the end of the war, Eagle Eye and Galm Team participated in the Allied Forces' efforts to suppress the insurgent forces of A World With No Boundaries. Eagle Eye's tactical support contributed to Galm Team's successfully destruction of the XB-0 Hresvelgr on December 25 (Operation Valkyrie). His support also helped Cipher stop the launch of a nuclear warhead and by extent assisted in the ultimate defeat of A World With No Boundaries on December 31 (Operation Point Blank).