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The Ustio Air Force is the aerial warfare service branch of Ustio's military. It was formed sometime after the country seceded from the Belkan Federation in 1988.[1]

By 1995, the Air Force fielded a total of 36 combat aircraft, not including support vehicles such as AWACS units.[2] Ustio's squadrons commonly flew in two-man formations, as opposed to the four-man flight typically used by the Osean Air Defense Force.

In the opening days of the Belkan War, it suffered severe losses at the hands of the Belkan Air Force, forcing the commanders of Ustio's military to hire mercenaries to replace and assist formal troops, who later played a fundamental role in the outcome of the war.[3]


Belkan War

In 1995, Belka invaded its neighbours and instigated the Belkan War.[4] Due to the might of the Belkan Air Force, Ustian forces sustained losses, promting Ustio to hire mercenary pilots, including the Galm and Crow Teams, to bolster their air power.[5] These mercenaries, especially Cipher, ultimately proved to be pivotal in the Allied Forces' victory in the Belkan War and subsequent A World With No Boundaries uprising.[3]

Memorial Day 2020

On June 30, 2020, after being invited by the Osean government, Ustio attended a ceremony commemorating 25 years since of the end of the Belkan War. To participate in the event, the Ustio Air Force sent replica Galm Team aircraft and five Mirage 2000-5s to be showcased at Redmill Air Force Base alongside the aircraft of other nations.[6]


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