Operation Broom

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"This... this is no remnant resistance. This war's not over yet."

Operation Broom was a covert operation performed by the Allied Forces to eliminate rebel Belkan forces who refused to recognize the peace treaty signing.


The Allied Forces and Belka were negotiating a peace treaty to end the brutal fighting. However, many Belkan militants refused to accept the treaty and continued to fight. In response, the Allied Forces sent a few mercenaries, including the legendary Galm Team, to deal with the threat in a top-secret mission.


The remainder of the rebel forces had holed themselves up in Anfang, deploying land, sea, and air units. Similar to Offensive Campaign No. 4101 and Operation Dynamo, Operation Broom was split into three smaller operations.

Mars Strike Team

The Mars Strike Team was tasked with taking out enemy vessels and adjacent surface troops positioned along the coast.

Mercury Strike Team

The Mercury Strike Team was tasked with destroying the remaining surface troops, as well as some fighters that were using Anfang's tunnels as makeshift air bases.

Jupiter Strike Team

After Mars and Mercury completed their operations, the Jupiter Strike Team would engage all remaining fighters to establish air superiority.


With the defeat of all of the rebel forces in Anfang, the Allied Forces believed that they were done fighting and didn't have to worry about any more Belkan resistance. Now that the peace treaty was signed, they could stop worrying about fighting on the battlefield. However, this peace wasn't going to last forever.


  • All three strike teams were named after other planets in the solar system.
  • A translation error occurred in this mission, regarding the briefing. While the mission name and subtitles refer to it as "Operation Broom", the briefing officer calls it "Operation Bloom".