Heierlark Air Force Base

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"Heierlark meant a lot to us. Our flight training was here on this airfield. On the base, we were surrounded by young cadets eager to listen to war stories. Somewhere along the line, we became the most experienced pilots in the war. Us, Captain Bartlett's nuggets."
Kei Nagase[1]

Heierlark Air Force Base is an Osean Air Defense Force air base located in North Osea (formerly South Belka). The area around Heierlark consists of rolling hills and low sloping mountains. Due to its northern location and subarctic climate, the base experiences long harsh winters and must contend with heavy snowfall.


Belkan War

Heierlark Air Force Base was originally an Belkan installation near Belka's northwestern fringes. In September 1991, the Osean Federation acquired a sizable portion of Belka's western lands, which included Heierlark.[2][3] When the Belkan War broke out in March 1995, the base was captured by the Belkans and used as a launching point for air operations against the Allied Forces. Heierlark was eventually reclaimed by Osea and used to support Galm Team in its mission to eliminate remnants of the Belkan Army.[4] After the defeat of Belka and Osea's acquisition of South Belka, Heierlark became a base for Osean Air Defense Force trainees.[1]

An F-4E landing at Heierlark in a slow flurry

Circum-Pacific War

The pilots of the legendary Wardog Squadron were later trained at Heierlark before being reassigned to Sand Island Air Force Base. After suffering considerable losses over the Eaglin Straits, Wardog Squadron did not have enough fuel to return to Sand Island and were redirected to land at Heierlark Air Force Base.[5]

After refueling and resupplying, the Wardog pilots received orders to bring many of the Heierlark trainees back to Sand Island with them to reinforce the depleted Osean squadrons on the west coast.[1]