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This page contains a transcript of "A Record of The Belkan War", the second cutscene in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. It immediately plays before starting "Annex" during a campaign run.


Brett Thompson (narrating)
The Belkan War is shrouded in mystery. But now, a decade after the peace accords, a portion of the records was finally released. I quickly got a hold of it. Wanting more details, I acquired information from unknown sources. There was a reason for my obsession. The roots of the war lie in the Belkan federal law review that took place in 1988. Belka, suffering from economic strife, permitted its eastern territory to secede... And the Republic of Ustio was born. But Belka's economic troubles did not subside. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the situation, the world superpower Osea continued to flourish. Amidst the economic panic, an extreme right-wing party took power within Belka, aiming to restore strength and stability to the nation. And, on March 25th, 1995, with the discovery of natural resources in Ustio, Belka began to invade its neighbors. It was the beginning of the Belkan War. Unprepared, each country fell quickly before the might of the legendary Belkan Air Force. In just a few days, they occupied all territories except for the mountain range. In response, the occupied Ustio government military,[sic] placed all their hopes on a joint operation between Osea and the foreign mercenary forces. This[sic] of course, can be found in any history book. But I noticed a strange similarity in the materials I gathered. There were several accounts about a mercenary all followed by the codeword "Demon." But most of the information was incomplete. Still, I was intrigued. I decided to pursue the history of the Belkan War through this mercenary. I was certain I would find something there. Would it be the hidden truth behind the war? Or just another battlefield legend? I wasn't able to meet the mercenary himself. Actually, it's questionable if he ever did exist. But thanks to some old friends in the military, I was able to track down several individuals who knew him. "Solo Wing" is one such man.

OBC Headlines

During the cutscene, various OBC headlines describe the border changes and events surrounding Belka.

  • 1987 | The Osean Continent
  • 17 Dec., 1987 | The amendment of federal Belkan law.
  • 8 Feb., 1988 | The northeast declares their independence and establishes Mons as the new capital.
  • 12 May, 1988 | The southeast declares their independence and establishes Directus as the new capital.
  • 29 Aug., 1991 | The northern territories are sold off to independent and FATO states.
  • 29 Aug., 1991 | The northern islands of the five great lakes are ceded to Osea.
  • 16 Dec., 1991 | Territory reformations are made.
  • 25 Mar., 1995 | The Belkan invasion of neighboring countries begins.
  • 30 Mar., 1995 | Nearly the entire Republic of Ustio falls under Belkan rule.
  • 1 Apr., 1995 | The Osean and Allied Force[sic] counterstrike begins.